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Francesca Reyes

Francesca Reyes fran,reyes

Francesca Reyes's Auto-Biography

Francesca Reyes has been named as the new Editor-in-Chief of the Official Xbox Magazine, part of Future US's portfolio along with PSM. Reyes was previously the magazine's executive editor since 2004, and has been at Future US beginning with Ultra Game Players. In between, she has served at Next Generation and Official Dreamcast Magazine.

The posting sets Reyes as the only woman currently as the head of editorial of any major video game publication, according to a statement by Future.

"This landmark promotion embodies a truly exciting time period for not only Official Xbox Magazine, but for the entire gaming industry," said OXM associate publisher Rob Smith. "Fran has already established herself as an expert voice within the industry, and her unique perspectives will no doubt help to further the diversification and growth of both the magazine’s readership, as well as the Xbox 360 console user base."

No less an industry luminary than Peter Moore, corporate VP of interactive entertainment at Microsoft, was moved to comment on the promotion: "We're delighted to see Fran promoted to Editor-in-Chief of Official Xbox Magazine," said Moore. "Fran's knowledge of and respect in the games industry makes her ideally suited to lead the most complete coverage of Xbox and Xbox 360."

Francesca Reyes

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