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Brad Ridgway


Brad Ridgway's Auto-Biography

Brad has been delving in technology most of his life starting with the Apple IIE and Atari 2600, then progressing to DOS/Doom I and beyond. He has done everything from designing playgrounds in AutoCad, to networking, to hardware support, to software integrations. However, his passion has been and remains software development and through early bouts with Access, Powerbuilder, Dbase and other tools, he has enjoyed the paradigm shifts and resulting learning curves. His last 10 years+ were spent at Oracle where he was a critical mass behind many improvements in the Assets ERP Financials product. Looking for new skills more suited to the web-world, he joined Labitat earlier this year (relinking with friend and former Oracle co-worker Jason Dowdell). He is ramping up on coldfusion, java, and other technologies while his database and procedural skills are leveraged for the company's immediate priorities.

Outside of work, Brad loves spending time with his family (esp camping / hiking), woodworking / home renovation, shooting, music, home automation, and the list goes on...

Web Site:   Brad Ridgway

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Address:   DeLand, FL 32720

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