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People that love technology

Techies are either full-time developers or hobbyists that just loving writing code and analyzing the big picture of marketing.

Brad Ridgway - brad2
Brad has been delving in technology most of his life starting with the Apple IIE and Atari 2600, then progressing to DOS/Doom I and beyond.
Stephen Totilo - stephen,totilo
Stephen is perhaps the only full-time reporter hired by a mainstream news outlet to cover games exclusively.
Andy McNamara Needs to update their mshift pic
From the Game Informer’s humble beginnings to its current place as the #1 games magazine in the world, Editor-In-Chief Andy McNamara has been there every step of the way.
Francesca Reyes - fran,reyes
Francesca Reyes has been named as the new Editor-in-Chief of the Official Xbox Magazine, part of Future US's portfolio along with PSM.
Arash Amel - arash,amel
Arash joined Screen Digest in 2001.
Sean Knapp - seanknapp,1228166183345
Co-founder Sean Knapp serves as the President of Technology overseeing all engineering at Ooyala.
Pete Freitag - pete,freitag
Pete has been building web applications since the 90's, using languages from perl, to ColdFusion, to Java.
Lisa Poirier Needs to update their mshift pic
Formerly of Digital Influence Group.
Matthew Chen Needs to update their mshift pic
Founder of Megite.

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