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Mary Dillon

mary dillon mary,dillon

Mary Dillon's Biography

Dillon leads global brand management, including strategy development, research, creative, marketing alliances, global sponsorships, and alignment with country-level marketing activities and McDonald's Balanced Lifestyles Initiative.

Mary Dillon's Auto-Biography

Mary Dillon is the Chief Marketing Officer for McDonalds. Dillon. She's also served as the Vice President of Marketing for Quaker Foods,Gatorade and Propel Fitness Waters. Dillon was also Senior Vice President of Marketing, Gardenburger, Inc. (1996-2000); and Director of Product Offerings, Snapple Natural Beverages (1995-1996).

Mary Dillon

Company Affiliations:

Address:   Oak Brook, IL

Stories about Mary Dillon

(2) Remarks on Mary Dillon

  1. Mary,
    The "four bucks is dumb" campaign is brilliant! I registered and would love to sell it to McD's to help you take it to the next level. You've received a lot of free publicity on various blogs and online media; why not leverage the exposure and go online? Regards, Randy

  2. Mary, I sent this into McDonalds Corporate today and have received server errors on the site so had to reply to the e-mail Kelly sent from Corp. Can you please address my concerns below regarding the Trick or Treat promotional coupons.


    I have left a message now with Mary Kay the owner and she also left me a message defending that she was not making fun of my concerns wherein she surely did laugh at me on the phone call I had with her about 5 days back. I am extremely dissatisfied now with McDonalds locations on 13300 Louetta and now I had a second instance of the same issue not realizing I was at another store she owned, the McDonalds on 13255 Jones Road. Yet again they denied my Trick or Treat coupons and my children went home hungry yet again. This is just unacceptable that the participating locations are not listed on your corporate website for this promotion or any other for that matter or if nothing else it should list the nearest participating locations on the coupon when purchased from a local store which in this case was at Hwy 249 location. Please just understand my concern here not only do my children then get denied food from a legitimate coupon anyone of my neighbors and such who I hand these awesome coupons on to on Halloween night may also have it all turn to horror when they pull up to a McDonalds on Jones or Louetta and get flat out denied their coupons I gave them and their Father and Mother then leave those stores humiliated. This is just not acceptable and the policy needs to change now. Please have upper management contact me on this asap.

    Dennis P. Burke

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