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Andy Coffaro

Andy Coffaro - Forty Three PR andycoffaro

Andy Coffaro's Biography

Andy specializes in New Media for FortyThree clients. He put together one of the first press conferences in Second Life and is freakishly adept at managing blog relations for clients. He also works to ensure clients’ Wikipedia entries stay accurate, MySpace/Facebook chatter remains positive and targeted online groups receive the latest news to create buzz. In his spare time, Andy is a musician and a local at the Santa Cruz lounge The Red Room. Andy has a bachelor's degree from San Jose State University.

Andy Coffaro's Auto-Biography

Andy Coffaro has not updated their autobiography yet. The online reputation of Andy Coffaro can be enhanced quite easily with a simple email to jason[at]marketingshift[dot]com.

Andy Coffaro

Company Affiliations:

Address:   Santa Cruz, CA 95062

(2) Remarks on Andy Coffaro, New Media Specialist

  1. I saw a post of yours from a few years back and it seemed as if you had knowledge of Fogscreen. Is your firm utilizing Fogscreen now? We are a new company in Central Indiana and have a Fogscreen in a major mall 10 miles from downtown Indianapolis. We would like any information on how we would conduct business with major ad agencies across the U.S. to buy our air time at a reduced rate to turn a profit for their respective agency. Thank you for your time.

    Brian Groce
    Fog-Ads, Inc.

  2. What was your kind advise to Brian Groce c/o Fod-Ads per 02/22/2010. Thank you! Best Regards mlr

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Andy Coffaro