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Michele Anderson

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Michele Anderson's Biography

After several years in Montauk, NY - still one of her favorite places for fishing and boating - Michele realized that her love of boats was leading to a career involving them. In 1989, she settled in Brevard County, and finally bought her own boat - a 21' Dixie named the Ma Belle.

Michele Anderson's Auto-Biography

Born in Coral Gables, FL and brought up near Paris, France, Michele has had the best of both worlds. Ever since she can remember, her parents - at the beach, in a pool or bathtub - could not get her out of the water. She taught herself to swim at the age of 3, and the first toy that she ever wanted and really played with was her little red motor boat. It went with her everywhere. She would go out of her way to find a pond, lake, ocean, or any body of water to watch it run.

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