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Richard Shelby

richard shelby richard,shelby

Richard Shelby's Biography

Shelby's opposition to the government bailout of Detroit's "Big 3" inspired the website
Senator Shelby has been awarded the "Spirit of Enterprise," from the U. S. Chamber of Commerce; "Guardian of Small Business," from the National Federal of Independent Business; "Taxpayer's Friend," from the National Taxpayers Union; "Friend of the Family," from the Christian Coalition; and "Guardian of Seniors' Rights," from the 60 Plus Association are a testament to his support of these important issues.

Richard Shelby's Auto-Biography

Richard was first elected to the Senate in 1986.
He serves as chairman of the Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee and Chairman of the Commerce, Justice, and Science Appropriations Subcommittee. In addition, he is a member of the Full Appropriations Committee and the Special Committee on Aging.

Richard Shelby

Address:   WASHINGTON, DC 20510

Stories about Richard Shelby

(6) Remarks on Richard Shelby: AL senator

  1. Dear Mr. Shelby
    How would you like it if they told you your retierment benefits were going to be taken away. You people up on the hill think your so high and mighty. You send all that money to Irac and then you give to the banks and housing lenders with no questions asked and, then have the gall to screw the Big 3. Maybe the people in this country should start taking a closer look at your incomes and benefits and start putting the rains on. I hope you can sleep good at night.
    Devistated in Michigan!

  2. OK enough about this bailout.All we headr during elction campaign was change achange and change.There will be no change.The US government will continue to give handaouts as well as tax breaks to the wealthy, while the real working people get shit on and our tax moeny wasted.I say if Big three gets the money handed to them, that we boycott the auto industry for 1 year.WE can afford to drive our cars for one more year and if we have to buy one, buy a used car.I currently own 5 gm products and one Ford,But if they get bailed out while I am struggling and get no help,I will de damned if I will spend 25,000 for a vehicle that is worth about 12,000 just so the lazy ass ,non productive employees enjoy the luxuries that we are having to scarifice.So stand with me Americans and wait ONE YEAR before purchasing a new car.Buy AFTERMARKET Parts.Used vehicles will require tires,repair parts,fuel,licenses, and maintenance which will all boost the Economy,PLEASE STAND TOGHETHER-When supply and demand are properly proportioned,the prices will be what they should.Look at what has happened with gasoline prices over last two months.YOU CAN SRVIVE WITHOUT PURCHASING A NEW CAR ONE MORE YEAR.HAVE YOUR CAR REPAIRED WITH AFTERMARKET PARTS,HAVE YOUR CAR PAINTED,BUY A NEW SET OF TIRES,REMODEL YOUR HOME,BUY A NEW POOL OR SPA,ADD AN ADDITION TO YOUR HOME,BUY A NEW WARDROBE,TAKE A WELL DESERVED VACATION,BUY THAT TOOL YOU HAVE BEEN WANTING BUT COULDN;T AFFORD BECAUSE YOUR BUDGET IS STRECTHED MAKING CAR PAYMENTS,BUY NEW MATRESSES AND FURNITURE,BUILD A PATIO AND FURNISH IT WITH NICE GRILLE AND PATIO FURNITURE,SPEND MONEY AND STIMULATE THE ECONOMY,JUST DONT BUY A NEW VEHICLE.Joe Nabiasz stated this website called Boycott Alabam with the intent of "Sending a message".So let's stand together nationwide and reply to the message by NOT BUYING a new Car from any manufacturer for ONE YEAR.Let's call it "sending a message." The auto manufatures act like the economy is entirely based upon the auto industry.Lets show them that we can revive the economy by purchasing items other than vehicles and stimulate the economy.I as one individual owe two payments on my current vehicle, at which time I normall trade in.But I will stand up and say "I will not buy a new vehicle for at least one year if the government gives my tax dollars to the greedy Big THree while all of us are struggling.STAND WITH ME FELLOW AMERICANS FROM BOTH NORTH AND SOUT,EAST AND WEST AND SEND A MESSAGE LOUD AND CLEAR THAT WE WILL NOT SUPPORT THE BAILOUT OF THESE POORLY MANAGED COMPANIES.DO NOT PURCHASE NEW VEHICLE FOR ONE YEAR.

  3. Mr Shelby is chairman of the Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee? So instead of worrying about the car companies DO YOUR OWN JOB!!! You gave billions to banks with no rules? Did you ask their presidents to resign? Did you specify no bonuses? Perhaps you are making so much noise about the auto bailout to deflect responsibility for your own failure with the banks.
    I have a simple question. If you gave the money to the people who were in mortgage trouble, and they paid up their mortgages, would that not give the banks the cash they need? AND at the same time help the common people? You know, the little people who voted all of you into office? Hmmmm.... food for thought...

  4. Shelby would have fought for the Japs during the war had he been there. So now he is fighting for them in Alabama. GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES OF ASIA

  5. You people go off to Washington with good intentions You really think you will serve the
    citizens to the best of your ability. However, you stay so long that you have no real contact with the average working American Term limits should be in place and after 8 years come back and live under what you passed. That will never happen because you will not fire yourself and we as voters are so stupid we want to send you back so our elected official has time in grade so to speak. I guess if you sleep well with yourself we are not going to get your attention. You voted for the pork that just passed 219 million is that correct which got the whole bill passed?

  6. Mr Shelby
    You are doing a excellent job keep up the good work.The country is going to H--- in a hand basket, and the unions are leading the way....

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