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Yeogirl Yun

Yeogirl Yun yeogirl,yun

Yeogirl Yun's Auto-Biography

If you’re looking for it, Yeogirl Yun wants to find it for you. After founding and managing four websites, this 36-year-old Stanford graduate is continually looking for ways to put more information in your head and keep money in your wallet. Yeogirl and his team of engineers are breaking ground and staying ahead of the competition when it comes to web-based shopping. By developing fun, informative, and easy to use websites that are continually evolving to user needs, Yeogirl Yun’s web-pages (,, are helping consumers make better buying decisions. His interests reach further than the web-world of shopping. Yeogirl’s web search engine,, offers Internet users a refreshing alternative to Google and Yahoo.

Yeogirl Yun

Company Affiliations:

  • Become as Founder, Chairman & CTO

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