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Clegg Ivey - cleggivey,1227042348497
IP attorney turned technology entrepreneur.
Alex Rudloff Needs to update their mshift pic
A fellow UCF graduate and developer for Blogsmith, the worlds most advanced blogging platform.
Jay Adelson - jayadelson,jasondowdell
My first encounter with Jay was when Evan broke the story about users rigging Digg and Jay and Kevin Rose were kind enough to give us an interview explaining some of the inner workings of Digg and it's democratic ranking system.
Joshua Stylman - joshua,stylman,joshstylman
As Managing Partner, Joshua oversees all aspects of the organization, from technology and product marketing to media management and sales.
Hugo Chavez - hugo,chavez,1223317445525
Communist President of Venezuela.
Larry Roselle - larry,rosellejpg
President and CEO of Sunrise Bank, Florida.
Dorice Dionne - doricedionne
Dionne is the Senior Vice President of iParty, Merchandising and Marketing since April 1999.

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