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Jay Adelson

Jay Adelson & myself at the AlwaysOn event in NYC jayadelson,jasondowdell

Jay Adelson's Biography

My first encounter with Jay was when Evan broke the story about users rigging Digg and Jay and Kevin Rose were kind enough to give us an interview explaining some of the inner workings of Digg and it's democratic ranking system. A few months later I met Jay in person at the AlwaysOn even in NYC at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. It was kind of funny because there are some folks that look completely different in person than they do online... However, Jay isn't one of them. Now don't get the wrong idea, I'm a happily married man, but Jay is one of those guys that every other guy wants to look like. I'd say you can think of Jay as a personable rock star but don't forget he's absolutely a rock star.

Jay Adelson's Auto-Biography

Jay Adelson has not updated their autobiography yet. The online reputation of Jay Adelson can be enhanced quite easily with a simple email to jason[at]marketingshift[dot]com.

Web Site:   Jay Adelson


Address:   San Francisco, CA 94107

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