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Patrick Doyle

patrick doyle dominos president patrick,doyle

Patrick Doyle's Biography

Patrick Doyle has served as Dominos president since September 2007. His background at Dominos includes Executive Vice President, Team U.S.A., Executive Vice President of International, Executive Vice President of Build the Brand and Senior Vice President of Marketing from 1997 to May 1999.

Patrick Doyle's Auto-Biography

Patrick Doyle is the President of Dominos USA.

Patrick Doyle

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(42) Remarks on Patrick Doyle: Dominos president

  1. Mr. Doyle, At 6 pm tonight I ordered some pizza. I called to confirm and the manager informed me that it would be 3 1/2 hours before I could get the pizza. I own an salsa company and several mexican food restaurants including one at the Palms in Vegas. If this ever happened to any of my customers, I would want to be informed.
    Have a great day,

  2. When i found out that this company belongs to the catholic church I stopped buying from them, this particular church has a history not so holly as they make it look, I feel that every time a purchase pizza a this place I will be supporting all of their dirty past

  3. If you are ever gonna get back to being the best you got to act like it.I had two customers when i first started selling my aguas fresca now there is more then 300,000.Your pies are the best now you got to belive it yourself.

  4. The pizza is great, but customer service is the worst. No wonder the competition gets my business.

  5. Mr. Doyle; I never cared for Dominos Pizza; never thought about purchasing your product, except maybe if I wanted to re-sheetrock my walls; but since you have revamped your recipe and promoted your product so well, I am now an avid Dominos man! The taste, texture, and price makes me believe that a business can really go from bad to great, and that someone in the fast food business really cares for their customers satisfaction...congratulations on a job and a product well done!!! I love ham and pineapple on mine!!!It's football and post-season baseball time, and when my friends gather at my house(I have the biggest t.v.) we all agree that it's Dominos over any other pie!!! Thanks!!!!

  6. I had always ordered Dominos even in NYC. However, your commerical, is not villified, tis the truth. It would be wonderful, especially In FL if you turned your
    oscillations into some good, i.e., KC is a nonprofit City by City restoration Organization. I extrapolated your income from Forbes(yes, I order it); how wonderful it would be to help ascertain your credibility back. Everything we do is for free. However, we are in desperate need of funding, food, I have acknowledged no giving on your part, and truly abominable romises.
    It truly behooves me as your competition are not a "slippery slope".
    I am in the hopes that you see this as it is my contention that you shall forthwit see a nefarious end to Dominos! It comes like that all the time-cold, pizza on box. Hep an Organization instead of excrement/
    HR Administrator

  7. i need your helpPatrick Doyle , im being harrased by employees in your branch over tips they dont deserve they are cursing out my kids. i filled a police report and now i want to seek further legal action against the branch and your company becasue ive spoken to supervisores and managers. please respond and help i like dominoes and im willing to have the right people fix this situation.

  8. tonight i visited our local dominoes at 13125 tamiami trail in north port florida. i noticed a foul smell upon opening the door so i pulled the casheir aside as to not make a big deal out of it. as i am a business owner myself and would appreciate the imput. i quietly waited outside wile my pie was being made. observing the managers sudden interest in MY PIZZA. waiting the alloted 10 min quoted ( 25 in reality) i went inside to see if all was well. all three employees manager included, seemed to hold a perticullarly elevated interest in MY PIZZA. the cook.. chuckalling, handed my pie to THE MANAGER. who obviously was blowing smoke up... well. you know. proceded to cash me out sarcastically smilling in my face. i went to my car and found MY PIZZA with some cupons blatently smashed in the center of my food. i immedetly went back inside where the staff was laughing about the situation. managers back to me, the other two employees faces dropped as if they had seen a ghost. the manager turned around and our eys met, he couldnt have looked more guilty. i confronted him in front of the other customers and he proceded to tell me to calm the f*#K down, and handed me back my money as if he already knew it was coming.

  9. Dear Mr. Doyle,
    I have watched your pizza commercial on TV many times this weekend.

    No one in your kitchens are wearing gloves while preparting the food.

    I am save in saying that I won't be eating a Dominos pizza any time soon.

    I have always liked your pizza.

    Look more closely at the commercials before you air them. Pay close attention to your non-gloved employe4es in the kitchen preparing food.

    Thanks you,
    Mariann Langellotti
    32 scott avenue edison, nj 08837

  10. Mr. Doyle, I work for a company with questionable ethics, but if we ever behaved like Dumbino's I would QUIT. You should be ashamed. I ordered 3 large pizzas @ appx $10 each and when the driver arrived (late and disheveled), he demanded $60 for the lot. I immediately orderd from, and will place future orders through, your competitor (#1 in pizza delivery). Once again Dumbino's LOSES! And I really wanted to keep ordering here because of the BBQ sauce option. Sorry ur pizzas suck SO much. But PH isn't bad...

  11. You should be ASHAMED! I have worked for crap companies but never for someone who would offer a pizza for $10 then turn up on my doorstep and demand $60 for 3. Lying SOB B(((Stards. Like all les religieuses you will lie, cheat and steal to instead of just providing value for monies. J*** H Chr*st didn't tell you bastards to behave this way and G*d didn't tell you to go be greedy. Explain yourself if you can. Skank.

  12. East Northport, Long Island, NY 2.5 hours to get a cold pizza delivered, and that was after several phone calls and the manager telling me it was on the way. I'm only 6 minutes away from the store. sent the cold pizza back. this was about 6 months ago, after seeing your commercials I decided to write you about this. I had always taken good care (tips) of the delivery person and never expected this treatment. never bought from Domino's since! food was good but service sucked!

  13. Suggestion for Mr. Doyle? I love the Domino's pasta dishes, in a bowl rather than in the bread. However, the pasta is delivered in foil containers, and sometimes it's not possible to eat it all in one sitting. How about switching to something we can microwave the leftovers in? Just a thought...

  14. Dear Mr. Doyle,
       I am certainly not naive enough to think that the president of Dominos will actually read this letter, I am hopeful however that whoever does has a bit more customer service acumen that I have experienced from your company thus far. I have a situation to bring to your attention because my efforts thus far to report this matter have been scoffed at by everyone employed by Dominos that I have had the misfortune of dealing with.
       On Friday evening, 2/18/11, I was driving on a Back Road (GarfieldAvenue) in Woburn, Mass., on the way to the gym at about 5:40 P.M. We had a horrendous month of January and early February with over 50 inches of snow in several storms and with each storm the roads seemed to get narrower, so I was traveling at about 20 MPH on a narrow slippery road. As I approached the intersection of Garfield Avenue and Belmont Street, I saw a car with a lighted Dominos Pizza sign on the roof approaching the intersection. Now I was driving a bright red Ford escape SUV-very easy to see against the backdrop of the snow, but as I approached the intersection it became obvious to me that the driver of the Dominos delivery car had absolutely no intention of stopping, and as he ran the stop sign in front of me I had to slam on the brakes causing my car to swerve on the slippery road and barely miss an accident. To avoid me the driver of the dominos delivery car ended up in a snowbank necessitating me to back up. I did that and opened my window with the intention of asking the moron what he was thinking running a stop sign.....but never got the chance.
       The Dominos delivery driver pulled next to my car and let out a string of obscenities the likes of which I had never previously heard (and I am a Navy Veteran.....) He said “ You no good worthless piece of s_ _ _t- , You are a f_ _ _ing piece of s _ _ _t, a f _ _ _ ing a _ _hole. Now mind you my first reaction was to go after this little cretin and pull his arms off but used a bit of discretion and reasoning that this was after all just a moronic pizza delivery guy so I drove of and went to the gym as planned.
       As I worked out I became increasingly agitated over what had occurred and realizing that the Dominos pizza business was less that five minutes away 743 Main Street, Winchester, Mass. so I decided to report this matter to the morons Manager. As I drove into the parking lot there was the offending vehicle right outside the front door. I wen in and asked for the manager. A man right at the front counter said that is me, however he was cutting a pizza or something and never bothered to look up and make eye contact. I explained what happened he said nothing- which only further infuriated me at his complete lack of interest so Now I started screaming. He looked up and in extremely broken english said “So now you told me.” That was it. No apology no attempt to calm me down- absolutely no interest whatsoever. So I left, When i got in my car I looked at the manger and he had a smirk on his face-like it was a joke.
    In the convenience store next door was a Winchester Police officer, so I went in and told him what happened, He said he would talk to the manager and let him know that what happened was wrong, but what infuriated me almost as much as being sworn a was the managers complete lack of interest in resolving what was obviously a very bad situation. He wasn’t the least bit concerned.
       On Tuesday, 2/23/11, I called your customer service number. I spoke with a woman named Rebecca who listened to my complaint and then took my home address and phone number which I thought was odd, but I reasoned that perhaps someone with a sense of responsibility and maybe a bit of customer service sense might contact me. She gave me a number 891809 which for the life of me I can’t imagine why. As of the date of this letter, I have heard from nobody and I have a feeling I won’t because apparently Dominos simply doesn’t care.
       Before closing I want to add one other thing. I live within a mile and a half of this Dominos location, and once, eleven years ago while watching a hockey game I called and ordered a couple pizzas. Eleven years later they still haven’t arrived- and as a result of that brilliant customer service I have never once been tempted to call again. Apparently your 30 minutes or the pizza is free guarantee works like this. If you can’t deliver it in thirty minutes don’t show up at all- then we win’t have to give anything free. (I am guessing then that they just bring the pizzas back reheat them and deliver them to someone else )
       As a result of your complete lack of customer service, and nastiness by the foul mouthed delivery moron I fully intend to relate this story to anyone who will listen. I intend to post it on Yelp and everywhere else I can online too. Thanks for your time and your thoughtful timely handling of this matter.

  15. i read your letter, after the delivery guy harassed my kids for the change cursed them and my whife out i still havent heard anything from anyone. ive filed many complaints. whats your advice on how to get through to them.

  16. You need to come to Guthrie oklahoma store bad delivery service food not the best call me @405-609-7741 and I will tell you about it

  17. Bryce in Minnesota ain't too happy witcha an neither am I

  18. On 05/15/2011 one of your drivers reported to the Potomac Job Corp in Washington, DC from your South Capitol Street SE location. Four hours later,she accused a student of passing a fake ten dollar bill. When advised to leave Federal Property the driver became irrate, called everyone on staff bitches, and told everyone to fuck themselves. The driver was even wearing flip-flop sandles. This behavior was totally unacceptable and left students here apprehensive on order pizza again.

  19. Hi Mr Doyle,

    I been watching your conmmercials lately how youstand behind your Pizza. I was a good customer but now I'm not placed 3 different orders for the boneless chicken the 3 times I ordered it the chicken came raw. it's the store in cortlandt westchester NY

    thank you

  20. on april 20 i got in a wreck while delivery driving. i was rushed to the hospital and the car was totaled. i was in bed with injuries for over a week and minus a car. i was contacted by john minick who assured me that because of my situation i would not have to worry about taking the drug test and getting back to work until i felt better and was able to get out of bed. two weeks later i was preparing to take the drug test and go see my boss when i received a phone call from my boss telling me he's unfortunately just received an email stating that id just been fired for not taking a drug test within 48 hours after the wreck. i could not even be contacted 48 hours after the wreck! i was unconscious! I contacted john minick and the DM immediately and left messages. they called me right back when i left them messages after i came to after the wreck and they were doing their investigation, but no, no response this time! I knew a driver previously who did not take his drug test till a month after his incident and he was still allowed to return to work! this is wrong! i was wrongfully dismissed and i want justice!

  21. Mr.Doyle I am Officer Don Bridges Chief Financial Officer of the National Association of School Resource Officers.Today I contacted your location at 8957 International Drive in Orlando, Florida.I was impressed with your Manger, Jennifer TiJerino. My organisation is coming to town in two weeks.We were in need of pizzas to feed several hundred police officers and their families,Jennifer was professional, polite and on top of her game. I want to thank you for allowing your managers to make decisions without hours upon hours of red tape. Thanks for letting your employess lead the way.

  22. Mr. Doyle,

    I love dominos pizza.
    Today, July 8, I placed an order for one of your delicious sandwiches, but Chris Williams @ store # 8960 delivered my order in a very severe thunderstorm with strong wind and a heavy downpour. I could not believe the store manager would allow a driver to do that. I would not have done it for myself, because it was a very dangerous thing to do.

    I would like to commend Chris Williams for his devotion and bravery.

    Although your food is "A" one to me,but risking a drivers life to make a delivery is totally reckless.

    Thanks for Dominos pizza.

    Carol Everhart

  23. So I am a college student and the dominos that delivers to my school chrages us delevery (even thought there is free deliveray) and to use our school cards which is not right. This is in Hamden CT, the staff are so rude, i had to call the police because one of your delivery boys harrased me. No one gives tips because we are charged over $3 in fees. Your food is not even that good. Your staff has lied to me when i asked for a manager, hung up on me and all of this has happened to many many people on our campus. Please talk to the store on whitney ave as they are awful and rip us off.

  24. Awesome writing! Went to the cops and then called customer service? No way is this some random jerk.

  25. i order 2 med pizzas for the $5.99 each online, your system ordered 1 pizza for $12.95, when your delv man showed up, i said whats this? i ordered 2 med pizzas which comes out around that price, and i showed him the order i did online which showed him clealy that i didnt make the mistake, and he called his mgr up i believe her name was Karla,she gets on the phone and starts blaming the internet instead of being a real manager and taking the blame for the mistake, instead of making me wait for another pizza and still charging me for it after my kids have been waiting to eat for the online mistake. i will never ever order pizza from you guys again.

  26. I worked for Dominos Pizza for ten years. One day the manager Glenn Coggins who works for franchisee David Dawoud falsely accused me of taking money from the register.When I went to the police about it with a signed affidavit from Travis Dates Huytown courts convicted Coggins of harassment which they should have. However, the owner Dawoud allowed his other manager Shane Cantrell to falsely accuse me of being late. Then they all went to Tuscaloosa together to stop mefrom getting unemployment, I hate them and i hate everyone that works for Dominos. I still have not found a job one year later. This makes two Christmas without work. Think about that when you and your family have a family Christmas meal. Oh and Coggins still works today at the same store.I sued in small claims court with two witnesees to David Dawouds 0. The judge sided with the business owner just as Alabama Unemployment did the same even though the testimony of two Dominos employees stated i arrived to work early.I will never shop you or recommend you to anyone, if i was starving and about to die i wouldnt eat that crap.

  27. Domino's Pizza is trashing our beautiful city (Lafayette Louisiana)with illegal signs.
    Their main location (107 E University) has numerous illegal plastic stick signs on the medians and rights of way.
    They are now placing their "stick" signs in the traffic roundabouts/intersections/neutral grounds throughout the city.
    I would never purchase products from businesses that use illegal practices.
    I will post their health inspection records online for all to see.
    The zoning/codes inspectors have had no success getting them to stop this practice. They will be up for prosecution in criminal court in a few weeks. How embarrassing for a manager to have to go and stand in line at the courthouse with crackheads and prostitutes waiting for his case. Maybe Mr Doyle would like to come down and see for himself.

  28. Domino's Pizza is trashing our beautiful city (Lafayette Louisiana)with illegal signs.
    Their main location (107 E University) has numerous illegal plastic stick signs on the medians and rights of way.
    They are now placing their "stick" signs in the traffic roundabouts/intersections/neutral grounds throughout the city.
    I would never purchase products from businesses that use illegal practices.
    I will post their health inspection records online for all to see.
    The zoning/codes inspectors have had no success getting them to stop this practice. They will be up for prosecution in criminal court in a few weeks. How embarrassing for a manager to have to go and stand in line at the courthouse with crackheads and prostitutes waiting for his case. Maybe Mr Doyle would like to come down and see for himself.

  29. If I were a man, I'd be pretty pissed that Rush Limbaugh called my girlfriend, sister, mother, niece, daughter, friend or wife a s--t.

    Dominos sponsors Rush Limbaugh. I can't and won't pay to support him by supporting Dominos.

  30. Dear mr. Doyle
    Please excuse mr carbone. He causes problems everywhere he goes. I work at the gym he likes to come to and he came in here screaming at us before too. He was asked to leave and then sadly, was forcefully removed. He has a bit of a "the world revolves around me" approach to life and demands perfection from everyone while acting like an angry child who had his toy taken away by his mother. We order your pizza often and enjoy it every time. The quality has definitely improved which is good because the prices have gone up. It is as good as it gets for the price. Thank you.

  31. I am curious if Frank can point me in the direction of any entity, religious or secular, that never made mistakes.

  32. Pizza is good and convenient, however your customer care is horrid! My order is uually wrong and your drivers don't care. Sad part is that when I reached out to the franchisee and the corporate office - they failed also. I'm headed back to your competition.

  33. would you like a new idea for pizza

  34. Domino's in the Avondale and Kennett PA area are posting roadside "bandit" signs with the Domino's corporate logo advertising pizza. These signs are illegal in the state right-of-way in PA. I sent a complaint to Domino Customer Care but they don't seem to care. They just forward my complaint to the local Domino's who ignore it and the illegal signs reappear every few weeks. This week I counted upwards of 50 signs within a 5 mile radius.

  35. Hello Sir, I know that it's not you, but your stores here in Las Vegas has lost their zeal. We have on on-going joke at our hourse. If you order from Dominos, go ahead and turn on the over because your pizza will be delivered cold. When you reach out to the store, you are lucky to get a response back. I love Dominos, but your service and quality are going downhill.

  36. Mr Doyle I order a pizza from your location in florida at palm ave in pembroke pines I order at 6.29 pm It did not come for an hour so i called back was told it was on its way lie one .So i waited another hour still no pan pizza I called again a lie its on its way.I just wanted to let you know very bad customer service and I was in the business for over 45 years if my employees HAD DELIVERD THAT KIND OF SERVICE THEY WOULD HAVE BEEN FIRED ALSO MY HUSBAND IS DISABLED OR I would gone to get the pizza we wanted to try it the ads made me interested your pizza but NO MORE11111

  37. Ripoff if I spent 12.99$ for a large 3 top pizza plus 2.50$ service charge why is carry out 7.99$ da same pizza why 5.00$ more shouldn't it be 7.99$ plus 2.50$ where's the 5.00$ go last time I buy a pizza from you thanks for nothing.

  38. Mr. Doyle,

    I have a new pizza topping to share with you, which can revolutionize the pizza industry! Please have you or a representative contact me on further interest. I'll share the ingredients with your company upon your return e-mails and signing a nondisclosure form.

    Thank you,


  39. I am a hardworking grandmother who has no money to spare. I ordered a pizza from the Dominos store on Jackson Industrial Dr. (west of Zeeb Rd) I recieved a burned up pan pizza, when I called to tell the store what had happenend, I was put on hold, for eternity, then promised a $5 coupon towards another and an replacement pizza, which I never received. After almost an hr. I called the store to ask what happened and again was placed on hold. Never receiving anything and lost 15.00. I was a neighbor of Tom Monohan on Traver Rd. in Ann Arbor, a member of he Copeland Family, that still resides on Pontaic Trail. My family and I have loved Dominos for years, but will NEVER order from you again, due to the shabby treatment I recieved from your Industrial Store.

    signed, Brenda Copeland-Klein

  40. Dear Mr. Doyle, My family and I have been 'Dominos'fans for a long time now and I am VERY PLEASED w/ the service I got from your Cortez, Colorado outlet! Gregg (the manager)and his team were so curtious and the 'EXTRAVIGANZA'pizza which I ordered left us very happy! Thank you so much for your wonderful leadership/product.
    Jennifer Haggerty

  41. Mr patrick doyle good day to you I am just one of the employee here in dominos arabia we would like to ask for your help we are so many people here who were treated bad by your franchisee we were hired from the philippines,india, indonesia and bangladesh and the promised salary was not given to us the sad thing is the supervisors here are charging people with deductions if they found any shortages and over of the toppings , boxes and dough they enter it into system as pizza 20. Times . And this is the reason when people goes back to their country their bad ecxperiences in dominos scattered and this is not good in your reputation because you will loose a million customers and even the quality and service here is not good. Delivery time here reaches to 3 hours and carry out to 30 mins . Sir if you jave a kind heart pls help us we want to go back to our countries if these things can't be resolved we will go to the media

  42. I have asked the corporate office many times to have patrick call me about a problem i had at the avalon park store in orlando,fl. seems they had a 5 or 6 year old wondering around the kitchen and interacting with customers. I am told that a big order came in that took priority, this was after the fact. Dominos built their business on speed. I ordered online for better , quicker and was given a pick up time. my order was in the warmer when i got there and was offered to me 15 mins. later. I want to talk to Patrick, but he is too busy to be that guy he portrays on TV. How proud he must be!

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