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James Skinner

jim skinner jim,skinner,mcdonaldsceo

James Skinner's Biography

Skinner is the Chief Executive officer for McDonalds, and he also serves as director for Walgreens and Illinois Toolworks Inc.

James Skinner's Auto-Biography

Jim Skinner has worked with McDonalds for 36 years, including four years as president of McDonald's Europe.

James Skinner

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(24) Remarks on Jim Skinner: McDonald's CEO

  1. Please stop using only African Americans in your commercials as if thats all we eat and all we aspire to be a Mcdonalds owner. There are no White, Indian, Chinese, etc in these commercials constantly. Please stop.

  2. I am outraged that PETA, has targeted McDonald's for a smear campaign. It is outrageous, and adversely affects all of us whom eat at McDonald's, and targets our children? They use the Ronald McDonald, trademarked image, holding a knife, etc. This is outrageous, and it is about time someone holds PETA's feet to the fire, and holds them accountable for their actions. Our Investigative Agency would be proud to represent McDonald's interests in this matter. Please feel free to contact us.
    A.R. Elwood
    Chief Executive
    Midwest Operatons
    Homeland Investigations, LLC

  3. chop chop chop!!!!
    im hating it - McCruelty
    Stop the madness mickey Ds stop killing innocnt animals

  4. copy of email sent to Consumer Reports on 09/07/10
    Your report on "Best Burgers" is not completely accurate. I'm referring to the paragraphs titled McDonalds and Bottom line.

    Down here in Florida where I live a McDonalds basic burger is 49 cents, not $1.00. When I order a burger it's not waiting for me. They make it the way I like it and I wait for it. At McDonalds $1.00 gets you a double burger; that's 2 patties not one patty.

    I lunch out at least 12 to 15 times a month. I've eaten at McDonalds, Five Guys, Wendys,Burger King and others that are not mentioned in your report.

    My friends and I agree that McDonalds burgers and FRIES are second to none. They are the best.

    To prove my point just look at their Profit & Lost sheet.

    PS: Please make a correction in next month's edition referring to the cost price.

    Thank you,

    Stan Kravitz

  5. My name is Dr. Chandrakanth and I am Professor and Chair teaching Agricultural Economics at the University of Agricultural Sciences in Bangalore, India. I'd like to submit a business proposal for nutrimillets from India for research funding.

    As you may or may not be aware, millets such as fox tail millet, little millet, kodo millet, proso millet are the most drought tolerant and organically grown by small farmers of India, and they do not require use of any agrochemicals. They are highly nutritious and antidiabetic due to low glycemic index. These millets can substantially influence North American life style including USA and Canada, which have increasing population suffering from obesity and diabetes. Accordingly the Director of the ISEC,a premier institute conducting research in consumer behavior, why doesn't a fast food chain like McDonalds try creating a McDonalds Millet Burger and other products including millets and market them as healthy selections.

    This will not only improve the health of people all over the world, but also provide opportunities for small microfarmers who are completely rainfed to monetize their millet crops and better the health of the world? Clearly this is a win - win situation.

    I'm looking for input on this idea, what do you think? Expect a phone call from Professor Mahadev Bhat of FIU, Miami shortly.

  6. i just wanna say that mcdonalds is not a nice place and it does not make me a happy boy and my manager tracy has no teeth and yells and i use run on sentences

  7. Dear Mr. Skinner,

    Good for you! My daughter received her Master from Aldephi today. I made a point of going thru a McDonald's to get drinks (long ceremony Im afraid.)

    Enough with the health police! The young and the poor need calories, also know as food.

    I speak of our society as it is but Please Please Please keep my clown.

    Watch yourself in the clinches


  8. I have been a dedicated employee for years. I am a floor supervisor the idea of quality fast food with great customer service is an awesome concept.Like any person i can get aggravated i do work very hard do my best to do my job i am there to listen to my employees help them and strive to move up in the company...I constantly reward and congrate my employees "you're awesome!!!" is my phrase they all pick on me about it...I dont understand who a company with so much to gain has store managers that come in and yell and treat all the employees (especially mgrs) like we are not worth anything...We are constantly told when we make mistakes fix it now or i will find someone who can...Instead of encouragement we get yelled at in front of customers and crew...Im not saying all our like this...but until today i was a mcdonalds manager but after years of working my butt off and not getting the "thank you" i deserve i finally gave my store manger the keys today..I didmy food safety,counted and enter waste safe control and clocked out..I know i would make and excellent representative in this company but if we continue having store managers treat people this way you are not going to have good quality friendly and fast food service...
    Thank You
    Jess Mcd

  9. Dear Mr. Jim name is christina and i worked for mcdonalds here in jacksonville florida on cassat avenue and i was having issues with one of the managers and decided to quit....but here is the issue,..when i went to go pick up my last check..your manager took it upon herself to mail my check...that was 3 wks ago..i still have not recieved my money..and i have called up there and she has not returned my phone calls...i love mcdonalds...and still eat there..but if i have to go to the extreme to get my money than i will....please email me with some kind of reply and tell me what you think i should email is for taking this time to read this...hope to hear from you soon.

  10. My name is Suzanne Powers I am a sales Consultant for the Ithaca Pennysaver, in Ithaca NY. Today on my sales run in Cortland NY I went to Mc Donalds drive thru and grabbed a Mocha Frappe and a Mc Chicken with Cheese Sandwich. I pulled out of the drive thru and as I was driving I began to eat my McChicken, my first bite tasted a little funky, but I didnt really pay attention because I was driving through the construction on RT13. My second bite was really mushy and as I swallowed I looked down at my sandwich to find that I was eating RAW CHICKEN!!!!! I was extremely disturbed by what I was seeing I immediately turned my car around and went back to Mc Donalds, on my short drive back to Mc Donalds I pulled back some of the breaded part of the chicken to see that the entire thing was RAW! When I walked in the manager (Laura) was standing at the counter I showed what her team had sent out the kitchen she was appalled and immediately wrapped the sandwich up, I requested that she showed the 3 guys in the back what I was eating when she did one guy smiled and the other two didnt seem to concerned. This infuriates me, that Mc Chicken sandwich could easily have been for my 4 year old little boy, whom of which would have eaten the entire thing and I would not have had a clue he was eating raw chicken because I would have been driving! The thought of going to Mc Donalds or any other fast food restaurant again makes me nauseous! I will be contacting my lawyer!

  11. Dear CEO/Mr .Skinner, I frequently visit your Mcdonlds restaurant here in Honolulu,HI. 96816 located in Kaimuki. Today I experienced an outburst from your manager Paul. I ordered my sandwiches at 1:24pm and waited 16 minutes before asking your cashier what is happening with my order....Low and behold this manager of yours comes around the corner yelling you need to calm down. i told him you need to lower your voice. He said i calling the police. I told him to go ahead.....words were exchanged and he told the cashier not to give me my food....the food that i had already paid for. He does not have no customer service skills....bad example has a manager...bad name for your company. I would appreciate a response by yourself or your franchise manager of this restaurant at your earliest convineince. I tried calling the number listed but no answer or options to leave a message. I need immediate attention in this matter. Again please have someone contact me via email at your earliest convineince. Mahalo, and have a great day.

  12. My name is trino valdez and i work for mcdonlds in orlando and im posting this because in know the only ones reading this are you the people who care,i have been working here at this store for two yaers and its a dead end store,i fell last yaer due to an oil spill in the kitchen and i had to open a workmen comp.claim and the battle begains.i started workin at mcdonld with entensions of becoming a manager and maybe one day having my own store,this was sold to me by mcdonlds,they say,we will put you through school maybe hamburger universety and who knows.well,it turns out that at this store age is a problem and truth is a theory for i can not get a break here,my first check took 6 weeks to get in then my child support was not taken out and resulted in my drivers lic.revoked,and its taken me a year and a half to get it back.they take half out of my checkfor child support and 6% for 401k and 4% for stocks,and all i get is lie after lie and i see it with the emloyees and if you just breath the wrong way your job is at stake,why do i have to feel this way about the place i work at and the sress leavel is so high that it reflects on the customer the very peaple that keep us in buss.customer service start with your employees they are the one that do the work clean the floors and recomend ther friends to eat ther and insted you can go to any mcdonlds here and not one has anything good to say about mcdonalds you can save millons by chaging this,when stocks went down you stoped buld great stradigy then you added mccafe also good and then better food but all that meens nothing if the propper training and additude is not ther,you are no longer that store that the founders wich the could have 2000 stores, now you do that in one year, but it meens nothing if you go eat ther becuse its near by or convenient because its fast food you want to eat ther because its good food,my unlike other stores our new maneger is doing his best to mak this restarunt in orlado but he can't be ther 24 hrs.i work over nights and i feel that im working for nothing,i have faith in mcdonalds and if you gat raw mcchickens im sure that bad traing and one maniger with a bad attiude oh yeah bad traning to and bad custumer service bad traing you see the problem mcdonalds and in my sittuation unfair labor practice comes to mind but thats unproven,to those custumers that go thru drive thru at 1am.3 employes to work at night clean stock make none stop food and good customer service are almost imposible but yet i go to work evry day hurt on pain killers and i cant even get new shoes and still im trying i won't give up on you mcdonlds dont give up on me.thank you and i hope some one reads this and you reply to me,and if any one else has any commet about this letter then continue this on this page until your loving it,and thats what it's about.lovin it.

  13. Mr. Skinner, my husband's company, Condies Foods, Inc. has been a produce supplier for McDonalds for 36 years and we have just been eliminated. Our products have always rated at the top at McDonalds cuttings, our customer service is our motto there was no REASON given-Just your out. Your owner/operators, DC's and others who know are upset. McDonalds is 1/3 of our business. We will probably not survive. Having to lay off around 40 employees will be awful on many levels. Our company is family owned and started 73 years ago. McDonald's. Mitch
    Smith, told us we needed a new, closed in, top rated, dock. So we did that and signed a personal quarantee of 2 million for the dock. It is half paid off but now with losing McDonalds business, we must sell our home and other property because when Zions Bank found out McDonalds is kicking us out, Zions bank is calling the loan due by Dec. 31, when our last order goes out to McDonalds. WE are doing everythinbg we can to survive as a small company. I'm asked why did McDonalds do this?===I don't have an answer, maybe you do. We are putting on a good face and moving forward as best we know how then Jackie Howard, the principal in eliminating us, called and her biggest concern was that McDonalds would still look good in the community. Asking us not to tell any community or government leaders what McDonalds had done to us. Shame on McDonalds. It's all about your good image, true or not, and not the people who has had McDonalds' back for 36 years. Not lovin it.

  14. Mr. Skinner I'm contacting you in reference to a McDonalds in Smithfield
    N.C. twice Iv ordered and twice they have riped me off for my hard earned money!!!please tell me what gives this fast food place the right to hire a bunch off punks that have rightfully comited a crimes of obtaining money by false pretense.I'm a little tired of being robed off.

  15. I am pleased to hear that you will not be using condies foods products anymore starting next year!
    I have boycotted Mcdonalds, but will not return. Lovin it!!

  16. I went to McDonald's website under restaraunt feedback and what I received back is this comment, "Thank you for visiting McDonald's website. Below is your email which has been submitted to McDonald's Customer Response Center. While replies to this e-mail cannot be received, should you need to contact us again, please feel free to contact us through Thank you." That section of McDonald's website was useless. My complaint was that the angus swiss mushroom was smothered in mayonnaise, thrown on mushrooms and dry meat. I'm sure that was not the intent of how the sandwich should be made. I received this sandwich in Boca Raton on N Federal Hwy. Thanks for reading this.

  17. How foolish to publish an ad re:eating at Mc Donalds or petting a pit obviously do not understand the value of these animals compared to Mc Nuggets...I have boycotted you for years, now, I will really spread the word. Ignorance not accepted.

  18. Greetings. Please excuse my forwardness, but before I say anything I would like for someone to respond to this comment. There is no need to waste your time or mine when and if this will not be read.

    Thank you

  19. Dear Mr Skinner, McDonalds Employee steals €300 from Customer. Store=Caleta De Fuste Fuerteventura Spain. Date Friday 13th July 2012 @ 12.42 I have already started legal action against McDonalds as your local manager refused to refund my money on clear CCTV evidence witnessed by Guardia Civil officers To avoid legal costs quickly escalating not to mention major damage to McDonalds reputation please reply for further details. At this stage all I want is my €300 stolen and €300 legal costs refunded = €600. This is a very genuine claim not a scam, please check with the outlet.



  22. hello does anyone know who i can talk to about a marketing idea i have for mcdonalds its great i have even asked numerous of custermers about my idea that i have come up with and most have said they would totally purchase / try my item..i also work at the mcdonalds in Altus,Oklahoma my idea can maybe maybe make thousands even millions it would of cource be the best product mcdonald has ever sold . if you want to take me up on my idea and make and offer my contact email should be connected this also my name is Antonia Turby im 22 years old you can check me out on most the social media.

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