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Irving Azoff

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Irving Azoff's Auto-Biography

Azoff began promoting and booking bands during his college years at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and has worked as an agent, personal manager, concert promoter, movie producer, independent record label owner, merchandiser, music publisher, and CEO of a record company. He moved to Los Angeles with his first big clients, Joe Walsh and Dan Fogelberg. He then joined Geffen Roberts management where he began working with The Eagles. After David Geffen sold Asylum Records to Warner Music, the management company splintered and Azoff left with the Eagles as his own client.

From 1983 to 1989, Azoff headed MCA Records and is credited for saving the company from bankruptcy. Azoff resigned from MCA in 1989 to form his own record label, Giant Records, now defunct.

Frederic Dannen's book, Hitmen, includes a chapter titled "The Troika" about Azoff, David Geffen and Walter Yetnikoff, three rival record executives in the 1980s. According to Thomas R. King's book, The Operator, Geffen manipulated Azoff into leaving MCA and going to Warner Music Group where he started Giant Records. King writes that Geffen wanted Azoff out at MCA to clear the way for MCA to buy Geffen Records. So Geffen convinced Mo Ostin at Warner Music to offer Irving Azoff a "dream" label deal. Giant Records operated for much of the 1990s until Azoff decided to return to concentrating on artist management.

Irving co-produced the movie Fast Times at Ridgemont High and has been named "Manager of the Year" by two touring industry's trade publications.

In January 2008, it is being reported that Azoff is working with former New Kids on the Block alumni Jordan Knight, Joey McIntyre, Jonathan Knight, Danny Wood and Donnie Wahlberg on a 'reunion' album.

On March 27, 2008, Guns N' Roses frontman Axl Rose announced that Azoff and Andy Gould are now new management for Guns N' Roses.

It was announced on October 1, 2008, that Azoff will be managing English singer Morrissey.

It was announced on October 23, 2008 that Ticketmaster has acquired Azoff's Front Line Management company to compete with Live Nation and that Azoff will be CEO of the combined company.

Irving Azoff

Stories about Irving Azoff

(64) Remarks on Irving Azoff, CEO of Ticketmaster

  1. hello mr. azoff.i have read that through the years you have managed many a group and individuals. i'm curious if there was ever a client/clients you represented but didn't much care for personally or for their music/lyrics? also you have a knack for knowing what the general public wants to hear and see. can you tell me what your preference is? finally, is there any new up and coming acts we should be aware of? thanks for your time.

  2. Irving, it has been a long time since we stood outside the red lion and discussed how your career would be better positioned to be in Los Angeles. It would be an interesting occasion to hear from you given this communication gets into your hands. j crill

  3. Hi Mr Azoff
    I'm looking for Management

  4. You alone have ruined live music for millions of fans. If you knew how much people despised ticketmaster before the ticketsNow scam, you are going to reel in the backlash caused by the ticketsNow scandal. Scalping your own tickets, what scum.

  5. Your response to Bruce Springsteens web page was incorrect. Your statement" we did not give brokers perferential access to tickets", then how was able to sell tickets the day before they went on sale to the public. Will be glad to forward you my e-mail to them and their response which confirms they had tickets the day before and where they came from!

  6. I am very upset with the way that tickets are being sold now. I am an avid fan of the band named Phish and have gotten screwed out of tickets for all of thier shows since they announced they were getting back together. This was the one thing I had hoped for and now I'm left out of it because large ticket brokers and scalpers are getting all of these tickets and selling them for way above face value. Isn't that scalping? I am really frustrated with the ticketing process nowadays and am not sure what to do. Please make the process of getting tickets for true fans easier than these brokers who are using illegal practices just to make a buck. Thanks for hearing me out. Jonathan, WV

  7. Azoff, I think you're a major "ADAM HENRY"and I believe you are the culprit behind the Ticketmaster scam. i see that Ticketmaster bought your "FRONTLINE" for millions and now you you're probably screwing with the ticket system. I also observed that you, as CEO of Ticketmaster, lifted the convinience fee for THE EAGLES....Gee what a coincidence.

  8. You are a crook
    and a thief, to be specific.

  9. I have been researching Clear Channel for a long time. finally after seeing a picture of you it is clear, you're jewish. the eagles fucking suck and you weasle groups like fleetwood mac steely dan into your jew sheist monopoly game where you threaten them by not letting them play at the bank venues (Banks are owned by jews) and cellphone. telecommunications act of 1934 and 1996. i have done my homework. jews hate gentile art, the only reason the eagles are your poster boy is because they are homo's... they were raised by you to be gentile jews, arrogance. glen frey makes me outraged. screw you, i have sent word of mouth to congressman and i will write letters about you. fuck you.

  10. Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks are my favourite band and I am embarrassed and ashamed that you represent them!

  11. Dear Sir Mr.Azoff
    Please very much to help me. I send many letters during the years to diferent addreses also to her birthday in 18 October for Ms.Criatina Aguileara, but whithout success. Now i have internet and find this e-mail.
    Please very much to help me to received(not with e-mail please) a authograph in the original handwriting from Ms.Aguilera.
    Thank you very much and all my best whishes!
    Yours faithfully
    Arthur Kremer
    Keren Hayesod St.4
    Holon 58488

  12. Regards. Lei statements in the magazine Rolling Stone. I write to congratulate him and ask him to work too hard around the mark Guns and Roses, one of the most beloved bands in the United States and the world. It's in your hand and Axl Roses in general promote the musical talent of this band and its successful musical magistarl. again. Congratulations. UP THE GUNS!

    Cordial saludo. Lei sus declaraciones en la revista Rolling Stone. Le escribo para felicitarle y pedirle que trabaje muy duro entorno a la marca Guns and Roses, una de las bandas mas queridas de estados unidos y el mundo. Esta en sus manos y en El general Axl Roses promover el talento musical de esta exitosa banda y su magistarl musical. de nuevo. Felicitaciones. UP THE GUNS!!!!

  13. I understand you are the CEO of Ticketmaster. What is the purpose of the "Building Facility Fee" on tickets to Fleetwood Mac? Is this a new form of extortion? I'll either pay the money or I won't see my favorite band? What exactly is the intended purpose of this added fee? I notice the Convenience Fee is $9.90 and the Building Facility fee is $5.25 making a total of $15.15 for a $44.30 ticket. This makes up over one third of the price of the ticket going for added fees that goes to Ticketmaster and pads your pocket. Do you get a warm fuzzy feeling when you rob fans of their hard earned money? Does it make you feel like a tough guy when the shows sell out? How long will it be before the fees are greater than the show itself? You're a jerk. You're a heartless jerk and I hope you burn in hell.

  14. Congratulations with your amazing managment success with all your artists. I am looking for a manager myself. Visit my myspace, I hope to hear from you.

  15. saludos! ... We're waiting for the new tour of former GUNS AND ROSES, we expect a good aggressive advertising campaign, we expect extraordinary videos guns and roses, expect to hear the new record in all media ... and peramos ROSES AXL and you have much success.

    saludos!... Estamos esperando anciosamente la nueva gira de GUNS AND ROSES, tambien esperamos una campaña publicitaria bien agresiva, esperamos videos extraordinarios de guns and roses, esperamos escuchar el nuevo disco en todos los medios de comunicacion... y es peramos que usted y AXL ROSES tengan mucho exito.

  16. saludos! ... We're waiting for the new tour of former GUNS AND ROSES, we expect a good aggressive advertising campaign, we expect extraordinary videos guns and roses, expect to hear the new record in all media ... and hope that you and AXL ROSES have much success.

  17. Screw Azoff and Ticketmaster! Love how all the decent preorder seats magically vanish within 5 seconds of opening...later to pop up as "Official Platinum Seats" (i.e. TICKETMASTER scalping themselves). Frigging scum!

    General AXL ROSES.

    It is important that the team GUNS AND ROSES make more presence on the internet.
    For fans it is very important to launch an exclusive new team.
    Idea: This release may be the internet: cyber CONCERT: where attendees can download a song the group totally free and alive.
    You edit a nice little run album with everything related to the chinese Democracy: photographs, recordings, guitar solos, reviews of equipment: edited and produced a small amount (BUT THAT IS HIGH PRICE) COLLECTOR.
    GUNS AND ROSES IS THE MOST POWERFUL BANDA PLANET, HAVE THE BEST VOICE OF A GROUP LEADER OF ROCK: AXL ROSES. SHOT TO BE DOING PUBLIC OPINION a strategic alliance with Apple iTunes: AXL TO BE FULFILLED AND Steve Jobs an appearance in public: they are both great personalities.

    In the promotional video equipment andros guns can be hired as models: Victoria Silvstedt, Petra Verkaik ... and do something with the infernal Monica Bellucci.

    A musical duet with Christina Aguilera, live can be a triumphant coup on the critical ... SARA Brightman with Axl doing vocals on songs like "This I Love", "street of dreams" or "Sorry" ... would be phenomenal.


  19. Taking a Lot of heat...Cool off at The best for the best

  20. Support Act Eagles Europe Tour 2009?
    Check the site. McChicks
    Female Eagles! 3 talented girls from Holland.
    Release new cd 22-5
    Grtz from Holland

  21. Irving: I was just talking about the old days in Champaign with someone and decided to look you up. I was the lead guitar with Feathertrain.I quit and was replaced by Gary Richrath when you decided you wanted us to play six nights a week instead of 4 which would have caused me to flunk out of school. Since no one then had ever heard of a 50 year old Rock n Roll star, I figured the safer choice was to stay in school and drop out of music. I since became a lawyer. All in all it was not a bad choice and Gary was much more gifted so I am glad to have had a hand in giving him his chance. Bruce Hall was also in our group, as you may recall, not to mention Michael Murphy, at a later date.

    You have done very well for yourself and deserve every bit of it. Give everyone my regards if you ever read this.

    Michael Walkup
    Feathertrain, 1969

  22. Irving Azoff...

    The biggest asshole on the continent. I will never pay the fees to your stinky monopolistic company. I wish you all worst to you and your team of suckers.

  23. Irving Azoff,

    Aug. 26 2009. You so rudely ruined our attendance last night at the Steely Dan concert. We paid a fortune for our seats as Ticket Masters lets all the agents snap up good seats so we have to pay through the nose if we want to be up front. And you are the CEO of Ticketmasters. Tell me, how does that work? Unfortunately for us sitting up front meant sitting behind you. When the show started and the theatre was in total blackness except for the stage there was a constant bright light shining right into mine and my friends eyes destroying our enjoyment of the show. It was your blackberry which you were obssessively working. And when we asked you if you could please refrain from using it during the show You asked if we knew who you were. When we said no, you said you would have us thrown out of the theatre and left to get security. This is how you treat your artists fans??? Security came and harrassed us throughout the performance by first interrogating us and then hovering over us and asking us what we were doing while you were working away at that blackberry. I have never encountered such rude behavior and such disrespect. It felt like Nazi Germany. And to think we paid $500 per ticket to recieve this sort of behavior is appalling. Now that I see that Ticketmaster and Live Nation are joining under your leadership I see the picture. It means that Live Nation, who runs the Gibson Ampitheatre works for you. We are contemplating a lawsuit for harrassment and you have NOT heard the end of this. By the way, I USED to be a Steely Dan fan but no more after they would have a manager who would treat loyal fans like this. I will be sure to let them know this. I will never attend any shows of any artists that you repesent and will contact each one of them. Your behavior was reprehesible and dispicable to say the least.

  24. AZOFF is a shit eating money grubbing scam artist! Period.

  25. The music business went downhill when it changed from being the business of music to the music of business. Scalpers like Azoff and his ilk are the reason many of us don't go out for live shows any more. Ripping us off as he does is unacceptable and should be outlawed. The only recousrse we have is to not attend shows, but of course Corporate America has already filled the seats with their overpaid shills. Here in CT we have Koplik doing the same thing at his venues.
    It's just no fun anymore.

  26. Hi! I want to bring Joey McIntyre to Mexico, I need costs and everything to do with this, I would appreciate contact me.
    thank you.

  27. It's nice to see you are so well liked since you left Danville, Illinois. Hello to your sister.

  28. I need whomever picks this email up to please ask Irving to email me. I was best friends with Ronnie in Danville, and just heard of the news of his passing. I need to get some information. I know it has been 2 years, but , I had not been able to reach him in several years.
    Jeff Hansen

  29. Hi Irving, I walked into you office at Front Line in 1979. You would not talk to me, but Howard Kaufman did. He told me to go back home,3000 miles, and write you a letter. I did and never heard a word from you. Dan Fogelburg and Glenn Frey are two of my favoite people on the planet, so you must be a pretty good guy for them to be your friends. I have the upmost respect for what you've done for the music world. Hope to meet you one day before my number is called, Michael Whiting

  30. Please, visit my site and listen to my song in the background? I seek management representation.

  31. Irving, May you burn in hell with pork drippings falling down your throat and dollar bills stuffed up your colon. Ha! Ha! Ha!

  32. I was 1 year ahead of you at DHS. Went to school and saw your picture on the wall. How cool you were hustling bands when you were in high school and did it pay off for you. Look forward to hearing from you.

  33. Hey Irv,
    How you been? Pretty sure you still owe me five bucks. My son Jason enjoyed running into you a few years ago.sally says hello.

  34. Dear Mr Azoff,
    I would like to ask for your help in a matter with Ticket-Master. On Dec 28,2009 i ordered 4 ticktes to see the Adams Family in New York. Order # 32-21713/NYNY4.The tickets were suppose to be for May 15,2010 at 8PM.
    Its my wifes Birthday and we wanted to do something special since we were flying in to new York from Florida.
    I never recieved and email from TicketMaster and when I called 2 days ago to check on the tickets as I was prparing for the trip I was told that the tickets were for March 15,2010 not May 15,2010. TicketMaster said they would contact the Producer to see if we could get 4 other tickets.
    Sunday when I called Ticket Master I was told that the Producer would not allow any refunds or exchanges. I told the Supervisor at Ticketmaster that someone must have amde an erroe on their part as the tickets were for May 15,2010 and were to be picked up at the Box Office.The Supervisor was Rick ZYS717. I paid $539.20 for the 4 tickets.
    I am recoving from Prosate Cancer and my wife has been very special in helping me through this ordeal.
    Is there any way you can get me the tickets for May 15th.
    I feel i am in the middle between TicketMaster ad the producers .They aid I might be able to use their Past due policy for Thurs May 20,210 but I would have to wait until that date and than go to the Box Office.
    I feel i am being punished for a mistake someone else made.
    Im not asking for frre tickets since the tickets were already paid for .I never even picked them up since i was expecting them to be for May 15,2010.
    Thanks in Advance for anything you can do.

    Nathan Miller

  35. Hello: This is a message for Mr. Azoff. I am a fellow university of Illinois grad (class of 90). I am currently living in Portland Oregon. Right now there is a development proposal for the Rose Quarter which houses Paul Allen's Trailblazers Basketball Organization. I am told that Paul Allen owns Ticketmaster/Live Nation. Is that true? Also, what programs does Live Nation/Ticketmaster offer to help nonprofits do their work in the communities they serve?

    Sunday, June 13, 2010
    Conejo Community Park
    1175 Hendrix Ave
    Thousand Oaks, CA 91360
    Picnic Area #1
    Noon to 4:00 pm

    I hope that everyone will be able to come. I have rented Picnic Area #1, which is a covered area with tables, 2 large BBQs, electricity and a sink. We are near the restroom, a baseball field, parking, a creek, the Botanical Gardens and a children's play area.

    Please bring your own lunch and drinks plus a side dish or a dessert to share with everyone.

    Please let me know as soon as possible if you will be attending. or 805-492-8311

    I am looking forward to a wonderful day with the Azoff clan!!!

    Be prepared to share your favorite family story!

    I don't have everyone's address so PLEASE let your entire family know about the Reunion!

  37. Good day Mr. Azoff, I own a production company here in the Philippines. I want to produce a concert of Guns and Roses here in the Philippines. I would like to request a quotation for full concert. I would also like to get a detailed Technical Rider and the number of entourages. Thanks and more power.

  38. Sort Us out with some WORK Azoff!!!

    SiD InneS

  39. For those who are not familiar with Irving Azoff's history, I would recommend you read about it in the book "Great Record Labels", that was published in the early 1990's. That was how I first knew about him.
    The music industry could definetely do without guys like him. The day he dies will be the day that the American music industry can live again.

  40. Hello: This is Bill Barnes again (comment #35). We still need a deal for our Community Benefits Agreement for the Rose Quarter Development here in Portland, Oregon. Just have Mr. Azoff zip me an email. We could use intermediaries but that wastes a lot of time. We just need him to sign off for $1.99 per ticket per event in the Rose Quarter Development to go towards nonprofits in the area so they can have a steady income stream to do their valuable work. Have him zip me! I haven't been back to Champaign since '91. I may make it back there this summer or fall. I got a huge craving for a Garcia's middleweight sausage pizza. Let me know! Later.

  41. Irving, I will be on row 2 in Louisville's October Eagles Concert with my Caribou Ranch Jersey to honor 30 year friendship with Ron. Come.

  42. HeY Mr. Azoff* :)

    I'm a BIG FAN of yours AS A CompanY OwneR!!! (LOL). I contacted you at GIANT RECORDS when I was 19 manageing groups and left to study medicine and I HAVE ALWAYS CREATED MY MUSIC AND PAINTED. As I can't stop being creaTive over crazy profiT makers back in the DAY and NOW!!
    I can be reached at my company site. :) PEACE!!!

  43. We understand the Eagles may be performing in Perth, Australia in January 2011 and would like to extend an invitation to the band to stay at the five star Anantara hotel in Bali en route if possible to play a high profile charity concert for Rotary's support of Disabled Children in Bali.
    Please let us know if you feel this may be possible?

  44. Dear Mr. Azoff,

    I have written a letter to the Eagles (on the Eagles website) in memory of my Father. I would greatly appreciate, if you could take a moment to read it, and maybe pass it on to my Dad's favorite Band. Thank you!

    My Dad & I
                                                October 13, 2010

     Dear Don, Glenn, Joe, and Timothy,

     I wanted to take a moment to write to you about the impact your music has made and continues to make on my family, friends, and I.

     To begin with, my Dad was a great fan of yours! He had all of your albums and followed you as a group from the beginning. He often called you the “Beagles”, but it was an absolute term of endearment because he had this dry sense of humor. What my Dad loved about your music is that it tells a story or it was something that he could relate to in some fashion. There are many days I can remember him driving home with the windows open and an Eagles song blaring from the speakers in his car. He had all of your albums in the CD player in his car. He drove three hours each day to work so he listened to your music often. I can still see him dancing with my Mom in the kitchen to “Desperado”. When he got ill, my Mom said he’d sometimes stay in bed and listen to the whole “Long Road Out of Eden” album before getting up in the morning. He would often remark, “Did you know their title track is over ten minutes long?” He loved that song just like many others you’ve written.

    Not only did he listen to your music, but his was fortunate enough to see you in concert as well. It was an ongoing wish of his for many years. During the “Hell Freezes Over” tour we didn’t have the money to buy him tickets to see you. In lieu of tickets, he got the CD instead, but being a humorous man he searched the CD cover inserts for hidden tickets just in case. Years later, we were able to purchase tickets for the “Farewell Tour” at the Sovereign Center in Reading, Pennsylvania and for the “Long Road Out of Eden” tour at the Giant Center in Hershey, Pennsylvania in January 2009. Of course, I hid both sets of those tickets within presents both times because I inherited his funny bone. The “Farewell Tour” tickets were hidden in a new wallet and the “Long Road Out of Eden Tour” tickets were hidden in the actual CD cover inserts. It was the best purchase I ever made. He repeatedly told me those were the greatest concerts he’d ever been to. More importantly, he told me that during both of those concerts he was able to forget that he had cancer for a few hours so it made the investment of the tickets and making his wish come true (twice) so worthwhile.

    On February 13, 2010 at the age of 64, my father, Phil Reichard, passed away from prostate cancer caused by the exposure of Agent Orange in the Vietnam War. While he was drafted and served at 18, he had 46 more years than some of his friends. He told me on Memorial Day of 2009 as he was placing flags around the house that “It is by the grace of God that I’m still here.” Little did we know it was his last Memorial Day. He loved holidays, both the patriotic and the traditional ones.

    His death was the hardest moment of my life. His passing left “a hole in our world” that can never be filled. However, knowing how much my Dad loved life and conversations we had with him, we decided to make his funeral a celebration of his life. There are so many things we did to honor him because he did so much throughout his life such as serving his country, being a successful businessman and a valued member of the community, and individually the best person most of us will ever know.

    Your music was woven in throughout the celebration of his life. For the musical reflection at the funeral, we chose his last favorite song from you entitled “Waiting in the Weeds”.  It was the perfect choice. Thank you for writing such an incredible song. I would love to know what your thoughts were when composing it. Additionally, for the visitation we played many of your other songs, too. To this day, people still mention how we went for something less traditional, but more personal that made it an unforgettable event. We also had a quilt made honoring him for my Mom to depict his many interests. One square of the quilt was used for the shirt he bought at the last concert he attended. Also, his headstone included many emblems because he was so many things – a soldier, a world traveler, a loyal Chicago Bears fan, an avid fisherman, and a fan of the Eagles so for that portion of the stone we used a few flying eagles. His stone is the talk of the cemetery because it is truly unique. Finally, in the cards sent out after the funeral to thank those for their donations towards cancer research we chose a few lines from his favorite Eagle songs to keep with the theme of his favorite group and his zest for life. My Mom’s cousin in Germany always keeps the note with her in her purse because she found it so moving, but that’s credit to you.

    Your music has made its mark on us. Here are some examples as to how you’ve impacted our lives. Before he passed, he had a list of things he wanted me to do for him. One of those things was to send my Mom flowers on special occasions on his behalf. He wanted me to use your songs as my inspiration for the notes included with the flowers. He selected specific songs to use because he felt they sent a special message to him and he wanted my Mom to get that message, too. She treasures each note and essentially they are more important to her than the flowers. During our saddest times, we can turn on the radio and there is an Eagles song playing. We’d like to believe that maybe he’s trying to get us to smile from heaven at that moment. Friends and family have told me that whenever they hear an Eagles song they think of my Dad and when they do it helps them heal a little bit more each time they listen to one. Their comments are unsolicited and I step back in awe each time I hear one. Sometimes, and I know it’s odd, I get this sixth sense to turn on the radio or change the channel to a different station and so often there you are. When this happens I make a point to look up and say “Hey, Dad” and I can still clearly hear him say “Hey, Kare” back. Even more so, I think the pastor said it best when he said in his homily, “Trusting
    the scriptures when they tell us that those who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength and they shall mount up with wings like eagles. With wings like eagles, you know what that means don’t you? You better look out for our friend. Phil is flying once again.” My Dad was <a href="">a pilot</a> so maybe that’s what he meant or perhaps we are looking for a sign that he’s still with us, but we’ve seen more eagles flying in Pennsylvania than ever before. I’d like to believe it’s him soaring above us at poignant moments because he often said to me many times over the years before he died, “I’ll always be with you.” I remember one time he said it when we were laying pavers at my house as we took a soda break or as he would say “it’s time for a sody!” He also reminded me of my responsibilities towards my Mom that day and to “always remember and don’t forget”. He told me the exact same thing the day before he died.

    This letter may never find you and you may have heard this type of thing many times before because you have so many fans and such a large following, but I felt the need to write you because I thought you’d like to know how much your music meant to my Dad and how much it means to us now. I’m actually attending the concert at the Bryce Jordan Center on October 22. I look forward to experiencing something like what my Dad did – a “Peaceful Easy Feeling and able to “Take It Easy” while listening to the performance. I hope to be able to forget my inner pain and grief for a few hours and enjoy your concert like he did twice before. I feel guilty because I wish it was him instead of me going to the concert. I’ll love him for the rest of my life, miss him more each day, and wonder “What Do I Do With My Heart?” now that he’s gone. Three things I know to be certain. One, that he’ll always have “The Best of My Love.”  Two, life will never be the same without him.  Three,  I’ll do everything I promised him and I’ll keep his memory alive by doing things he loved to do and “Take It to the Limit”  in order to live life to the fullest because each moment is very precious.

    In closing, I know this isn’t the best letter ever crafted, but it is nevertheless heartfelt. You are the poets and the artists so please continue to write wonderful music and singing lyrics that captivate us.


    Karen V. Reichard

    P.S. - I’m enclosing a picture of my Dad and I.  It was the last picture taken of us. It  was Thanksgiving 2009.

    We shared many “Tequila Sunrises” laughing together and reflecting numerous times on how “Life’s Been Good” to him despite his battle with cancer. He had no regrets because he truly had a wonderful life.

  45. Eagles has inflienced many of us in life. Past and present members has been a great part of my musical inspiration as well.

  46. Thanks for calling my Dad last holiday season. It really made his day. I would be honored to meet you. Happy Thanksgiving and all the best to you and yours.

  47. Hi !
    Your name popped up when doing research for my job (looking for Irving Cutler). My sisters, myself and our cousin Julie Robbins just made a 'pilgrimage' to Danville and talked about you and your family who we were all fond of.
    Thanks for the rides to Danville from Champaign to see my Bubby !
    Hope all is well with you. Once and a while Mark Mehlman updates me regarding your career.
    Chag Sameach !
    Anne Bolotin
    (I am Betty Robbins' eldest granddaughter from Chicago)

  48. Irving, Hi. So when the person was talking to you outside Red Lion, I was playing, RIGHT?
    How the hell ARE you? I am freakin GREAT! With the exception of owing you an apology. CaLL ME, iRVING, AT (530) 345-7194. Roll on! bc

  49. Ticket Masters is a RIP OFF company

  50. Ticket Masters is a RIP OFF company

  51. Ticket Masters is a RIP OFF company

  52. Irving Azoff needs to go crawl under a grave somewhere, his old tail already has 1 foot in the dirt...

  53. Hey I wanted to know about Josh Grobans tour 2011 coming to Greenville, South Carolina. Wanted to know if Josh was needing any back up singers for any particular songs during the concert.

    I am turning your SORRY company into consumer affairs!!!

  55. Remembering the old days at Eisners in Danville and the gang that worked there during our high school years. Also wondering where your sister Shari is;last I knew she was teaching at DHS. I taught elsewhere many years before returning to Danville. Best regards to your mother; she was one of my favorite customers.

  56. Mr.Azoff

    My name is Eric. We have created a TV Series to help Americas Homeless Veterans. It is called Operation Giving Back. As you know it is hard to get a tv project going and we could use your help. Mr. Azoff thank you for helping the entertainment industry for so many years. God Bless You and Our Soldiers.

  57. Thanks for the buck-fifty, Irv.

  58. I paid top dollar for Van Halen tickets through Ticketmaster&apos;s "Official Platinum Seating". Now I find out that the "promotors" (who own all of the best seats) are not getting what I paid, they are lowering the prices. Do you think I&apos;m happy that someone sitting in front of me paid $200 less per ticket? When I pressed Ticketmaster on this, they insisted I bought tickets that were not resold or previously owned, yet someone else other than Ticketmaster is changing the price on their website. What do you call this scam? I will no longer buy directly from Ticketmaster. I will buy on Ebay (Paypal protection) and Craigslist (local in-person purchases). Screw Ticketmaster.

  59. I love reading this s--t, it's actually a lot of it quite hysterical. Some not...

    Between your detractors, the people seeking management, the poor guy "Nathan" who needs help with four tickets he bought, and the people who try to remind you of some time in the past they knew you, their family knew your family or they were involved in some management situation or watched you in High School hustling groups, it's actually quite fascinating to read. :-)

  60. Irving Assoff is without a doubt the biggest scumbag asshole that ever walked the face of the earth. He is a disgrace to music industry.

  61. Eagles tickets for Milwaukee SummerFest already sold out in April but are showing up at Stubhub for 100% mark up. McCartney is selling out Miller Park. Would the Eagles consider adding the Kohl Center in Madison, Wisconsin in Early July 2013. I know Cheap Trick loves to perform in Madison. We love REO. If they can't add an Early July, 2013 event would the Eagles consider performing the night before SummerFest at the Barrymore in Madison, Wisconin. Go Big Ten Irving. I have two kids attending at UW schools and they were just looking to sit outside with friends on the grass at SummerFest and can't afford the StubHub marketup. Please consider adding Madison, Wisconsin. Thanks Irving.

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