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Dan Amos

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Dan Amos's Biography

Dan Amos made headlines when he said he wouldn't accept any golden parachute offer if he was dismissed during the banking and investment firm crisis of 2008.

Dan Amos's Auto-Biography

Amos has been at Aflac since 1973 and was named chief executive officer of Aflac Incorporated in 1990, and chairman in 2001.

Dan Amos

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(2) Remarks on Dan Amos, Aflac CEO

  1. I have been waiting on an Aflac claim since the end of August 2011. I have been told repeatedly that it is in process, in process, in process. Today, I hope that I got some degree of a resolution. I credit a young woman named Christina in the billing dept. where I am directed to call for my area. I have been a policy holder for more than 20 years and I have never encountered the level of incompetence that I have with this claim. Although it is truly not my nature to do so, it is to my dismay to for the first time "SLAM" Aflac. What a mess that I have dealt with over what to them should be a drop in the bucket. I have jumped through every hoop and I am not sure that I am any further along than I was 2 months ago. I have literally quarreled with my Dr., at his having to submit 3 different faxes for this one claim. He has refused to help me anymore with this process. Shame on you Aflac and I hope that since the claim is "supposedly" sitting on the desk of Mr. Michael Flock, VP, I will get some resolution in the morning. We'll see!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Mr. Amos my name is mike sammons I live here in Phoenix city Alabama and I was hoping that maybe I could talk to you about it about a book I have I am dying of heart failure and this is the only thing I have left and I was hoping to maybe be able to get it to go viral and I was looking for somebody that may be able to help me I will pray to God that you get this message and that she can help me thank you and may God bless you

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