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Brad Berens

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Brad Berens's Auto-Biography

I provide the vision and lead the development of all content for the iMedia Summits and the CMO Executive Summits in North America. I am also an advisor to and editor at large for the iMedia website and newsletter, as well as a member of the advisory board of ad:tech, where I was recently Chief Content Officer.
From 2004 until September of 2007, I was the head of content for iMedia on both the media and events side. Then, I moved to sit on top of content for both iMedia and its sister company, ad:tech until dmg world media asked me to take on the content role for the CMO Executive Summits. I came to iMedia after four years as the managing editor of everything digital at EarthLink. Before that, I worked at an ambitious, cutting-edge, but (you guessed it) ultimately failed dotcom called Lineup Technologies, having exited the Entertainment Industry to follow the sirenĀ“s call of the internet, where I have been ever since.
You can learn entirely too much more about me at In addition to my work here at iMedia, I blog at

Brad Berens

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