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Zoe Flower

Zoe Flower's Biography

Zoe Flower has enjoyed a long-term love affair with the video game industry, from various television and media roles, to work in game design and production. Currently, she is the Managing Editor for What They Play (, the only online resource built by game industry veterans with a goal to educate families about today's video game culture. Zoe oversees the day-to-day editorial of the website, cracking her whip on a team of fabulously knowledgeable writers (including herself). Her favorite job perk is also a guilty pleasure - playing kids' games that she can pretend are actually work. Of course, Zoe's latest passion is her two-year-old daughter Violet who she hopes to share her gaming passion with (just as soon as she can figure out how to do so without trash talking).

Zoe Flower's Auto-Biography

When other teens were asking for cars, she asked for a computer. With this drive toward technology, Zoe Flower has become one of the most respected female journalists in the video game industry. Not only does she write for a popular monthly video game magazine she also produces and hosts her own television show devoted to women in extreme sports.

Born in Bristol, England, her parents moved to Vancouver, BC, Canada when she was 6. She spent her youth moving around British Columbia with her parents spending her free time playing sports and video games. When she went to college, she returned to Vancouver to attend the Computer Science department of University of British Columbia. Unsatisfied with their program, she moved on to the Digipen School for Applied Arts, and then to the Vancouver Film School.

In 1997, ever the entrepreneur, Zoe went on to create Vancouver's first Cyber Cafe and Gaming center called Bliink Interactive. And it was because of this cafe she was introduced television. The Producer of a video game show shot in Vancouver called The Electric Playground wanted to use Bliink as a location to shoot the show. With her knowledge in video games and experience in technology she went on to Co-host the show for three years. After the show she was hired to be a columnist for the North America version of Sony's Official Playstation Magazine.

Zoe Flower

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