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Shane Satterfield

Shane Satterfield shane,satterfield

Shane Satterfield's Auto-Biography

Shane graduated from Temple University with a degree in journalism after spending several years publishing his own gaming Web site. Shortly thereafter he joined GameSpot where he worked for several years in a variety of positions before moving onto broadcast in 2002 when he became editorial director at G4. In his current role as Editor in Chief at GameTrailers, Shane is responsible for scheduling all the content for the site, as well as coordinating gaming coverage with Viacom's various brands including MTV2, MTV Overdrive, and more.

Shane Satterfield

Address:   SANTA MONICA, CA 90404

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(6) Remarks on Shane Satterfield, GameTrailers-Editor in Chief

  1. I am really starting to get sick of your bias opinions about games. You are a professional, and you have really started to sound very unprofessional in your statements of late. As a journalist you have the responsibility to look at every game from an unbiased stand point and as another media relations professional I can only ask that you start paying closer attention about the things you say in public.

    Thank You,
    Aaron Calvert

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  3. Shane is so dumb yet so assured its incredibly annoying. He talks the most inane vacuous drivel and passes it off as journalism, AVOID!

  4. This guy has no idea what he is talking about and has no respect for PC gamers.

  5. This guy doesn't even have to decency to let other people finish their side of the story. In his podcasts, he's constantly interrupting the other members to press on his own opinion. Friggin' douche.

  6. Shane Satterfield is a great journalist. As a gamer, I have followed him in most things he has done as I generally agree with his opinions. When, as a journalist, you focus on games, I think someone who has a strong opinion is the only reviewer worth following. I trust his opinion on games. In the past, I have grown to trust him greatly. Many people don't understand the difference between opinionated and bias.

    I've watched Invisible Walls from the beginning, Shane has always been an honest host with great questions and the ability to listen to responses with an open mind. He brought great arguments to the show when something he felt passionately about came into question (I will forever miss his 'disagreements' with Marcus Beer!).

    I would never recommend "avoiding" Shane when watching/reading any reviews. He is an amazing journalist and he takes details into account. If anyone disagrees with him, he always hears them out, usually without interruption. He reviews games for what they are, not based on their predecessor or hype (or lack there of), but for what they are and the level of enjoyment you will likely get out of it if you are into the specific genre.

    Honest, amazing reviewer.

    Good luck in everything you do Shane :) I will miss you on IW!

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