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kristen Salvatore

Kristen Salvatore kris,salvatore

kristen Salvatore's Auto-Biography

I left NYC 9 years ago with the intention of checking out San Francisco for a few months before bouncing on to somewhere else (or back to New York). A job as Managing Editor for Maximum PC magazine changed my mind. I skedaddled over to Ziff Davis to work as the Game Group Copy Chief and then as Managing Editor for CGW magazine (RIP) before my prodigal return to Future as PC Gamer’s Executive Editor. I won the EIC job in a bar fight.

Loves: Gordon Freeman, baseball, The Three Amigos, snacks.

Hates: Misplaced aggression, nauseating in-game physics, unsightly blemishes.

Now playing: LEGO Indiana Jones, Age of Conan, Beyond Good and Evil.

kristen Salvatore

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