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Joe Babiasz

joe babiasz joe,babiasz

Joe Babiasz's Biography

Babiasz's site was in response to Al. Senator Richard Shelby's objection to the auto bailout.

Joe Babiasz's Auto-Biography

Joe Babiasz, a GM employee of 34 years, created

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(24) Remarks on Joe Babiasz: Boycott Alabama

  1. I tried to send an e-mail to Shelby and to you, but my computer won't allow it.

    Are the links correct?

  2. If the retirees and all those that depend on the Big Three for their pay checks, including all those who make hubcaps, radios, bumpers, would buy the Big Three's vehicles they could get themselves out of trouble. A friend who had worked 40 years for GM was concerned that he may loose his medical coverage when the problems started. He drove a Lexus!!! Drive by a GM plant and see what is in the parking lots!!!

  3. Joe, grow up.Stop acting like a spoiled baby boy who Mama won't let do what he wants.Americans have a right to vote on where their tax dollars are spent and when we see GM wasting money overpaying and providing excessive benefits to lazy ass non productive employees and mis managing their company, the tax payer has a right to sya, no to begging for our money until the company resteuctures itself, cutting the fat and being wasteful.I personally own five GM products.How many do you own? Grow up,quit begging and stop whining if we don't want to support your lazy ass.

  4. Joe, lighten up.

    I was a union employee in Alabama until the unions killed the construction industry years ago.

    I am sure cooler minds will prevail. Just a little clue, Pelosi, Dodd & Barney Frank really don't have much influence on us in Alabama. I've alwys heard, "Southern by birth, Alabamian by the grace of God". Heard of anyone retiring to Detroit? Me either.

  5. Retire to Detroit? who the hell would even go to Detroit

  6. Great schools you have down there in AL. That's why people "retire" there. Your wages suck as well. Raise my family there? Fat chance.

  7. Of the many blogs on the subject of Senator Shelby, I can see evidence of the Alabama school system - none of you can even spell let alone understand complex economic issues. Perhaps this is why Senator Shelby did not think to ask the banking industry what they planned to do with our trillions before the money was gone. Even though he voted against it, where were his questions when AIG took its execs on their plush spa vacation? I don't work for the auto industry, not a retiree, no family members in the Big 3 -- but the workers at the Big 3 are the least of it. What about the cleaning people, the lunch truck owners, the paper suppliers, etc, etc? Americans just don't see the big picture.
    And, don't worry, Joe, I've been to Alabama ONCE - no one would care to go back.

  8. Senator Shelby

    Senator Shelby isn’t in touch with working class people. He should hang the flag of the rising sun in his office. He is in the pockets of Japanese and foreign car makers. It would be in his interest to let the big 3 go under. He doesn’t care if 3 million people lose their jobs. Lets not forget that his goal is to break the unions and that’s what this is all about. So even if you’re not in the U.A.W. but you belong to any service union Look OUT! Bush just tried to break the ATF service union.

    So if Shelby isn’t the skillet calling the kettle black. These so-called Senators and Congressman have voted themselves the largest pay raise. It would be nice if all Americans could vote themselves a pay raise. They have the best health care in the country. They retire with full pay even if they are convicted of wrong doings. Their pay is not based on what they do for US. They just need to show up and vote once in a while. Lets not forget all the lobby money they get. That helped to send our jobs overseas for their Global World Economy.

    How dare they point fingers at others for being like them? They fly on private jets and drive foreign cars. They get paid from us the taxpayers and at what cost? Only lip service! My father would say when you points your finger at someone look how many are pointing at yourself.

  9. Hey Jeff heres one for ya
    Quick definitions (retire)

    ? verb: dispose of; as of old clothes ("She finally retired that old coat")
    ? verb: go into retirement; stop performing one's work or withdraw from one's position ("He retired at age 68")
    ? verb: withdraw from active participation ("He retired from chess")
    ? verb: make (someone) retire ("The director was retired after the scandal")
    Now who has the better schools you dip shit

  10. Ray, ya'll must have been educated in FL using big words like verb. I must have hit a sore spot, scholar...

  11. No one in Alabama likes the situation of the economy either. Though I do not have the answers, this is not it either. What I do know is that I cant afford higher taxes and it would be nice if could afford to live off a salary of a $1 a year. More important , boycotting Alabama would hurt the state revenue, making them be forced to cut programs that help take take care of our sick and special needs children. My grandson would fall into that category.

  12. So true Radman,but look who started pointing first.

  13. How much cash have the transplants given to the charities in AL? I do know that The UAW gives boat loads to charity across America. The big 3 gave MILLIONS to your nieghbors during Katrina. Not to mention 9/11. The transplants gave exactly ZERO.

  14. It is NOT in the best interest of the transplants for the domestic auto industry to fail...and here's why. Eventually suppliers that will be affected also supply these transplants. As such the foreign car companies are at this point in time coming up with plans to greatly cut back their production levels at these plants. As a matter of fact, plans are underway at their home corporate offices to WITHDRAW production capacity from the US. So it is no good for ANY car company to have these domestic companies fail.

  15. Well thank ya yankee folks fer staying yo sorry asses up yonder.where you uns belong.WE wuz gettin long jes fine fore yall came along and will jset as good without ya down here.I say mark the mason/dixon and we will keep our selves,textiles,cotton,steel,autos,crops and the such down here and yall keep yore asses and crap up there.

  16. OK enough about this bailout.All we heard during elction campaign was change achange and change.There will be no change.The US government will continue to give handaouts as well as tax breaks to the wealthy, while the real working people get shit on and our tax moeny wasted.I say if Big three gets the money handed to them, that we boycott the auto industry for 1 year.WE can afford to drive our cars for one more year and if we have to buy one, buy a used car.I currently own 5 gm products and one Ford,But if they get bailed out while I am struggling and get no help,I will de damned if I will spend 25,000 for a vehicle that is worth about 12,000 just so the lazy ass ,non productive employees enjoy the luxuries that we are having to scarifice.So stand with me Americans and wait ONE YEAR before purchasing a new car.Buy AFTERMARKET Parts.Used vehicles will require tires,repair parts,fuel,licenses, and maintenance which will all boost the Economy,PLEASE STAND TOGHETHER-When supply and demand are properly proportioned,the prices will be what they should.Look at what has happened with gasoline prices over last two months.YOU CAN SRVIVE WITHOUT PURCHASING A NEW CAR ONE MORE YEAR.HAVE YOUR CAR REPAIRED WITH AFTERMARKET PARTS,HAVE YOUR CAR PAINTED,BUY A NEW SET OF TIRES,REMODEL YOUR HOME,BUY A NEW POOL OR SPA,ADD AN ADDITION TO YOUR HOME,BUY A NEW WARDROBE,TAKE A WELL DESERVED VACATION,BUY THAT TOOL YOU HAVE BEEN WANTING BUT COULDN;T AFFORD BECAUSE YOUR BUDGET IS STRECTHED MAKING CAR PAYMENTS,BUY NEW MATRESSES AND FURNITURE,BUILD A PATIO AND FURNISH IT WITH NICE GRILLE AND PATIO FURNITURE,SPEND MONEY AND STIMULATE THE ECONOMY,JUST DONT BUY A NEW VEHICLE.Joe Babiasz stated this website called Boycott Alabam with the intent of "Sending a message".So let's stand together nationwide and reply to the message by NOT BUYING a new Car from any manufacturer for ONE YEAR.Let's call it "sending a message." The auto manufatures act like the economy is entirely based upon the auto industry.Lets show them that we can revive the economy by purchasing items other than vehicles and stimulate the economy.I as one individual owe two payments on my current vehicle, at which time I normall trade in.But I will stand up and say "I will not buy a new vehicle for at least one year if the government gives my tax dollars to the greedy Big THree while all of us are struggling.STAND WITH ME FELLOW AMERICANS FROM BOTH NORTH AND SOUT,EAST AND WEST AND SEND A MESSAGE LOUD AND CLEAR THAT WE WILL NOT SUPPORT THE BAILOUT OF THESE POORLY MANAGED COMPANIES.DO NOT PURCHASE NEW VEHICLE FOR ONE YEAR.

  17. OK let's say we go along with your plan. I want it extended to include the crooks on Wall Street that Congress bailed out. How do you propose we boycott the banks and lending institutions that are giving their execs MILLIONS in bonuses. I don't hear them volunteering to work for $1/year. So, if we follow the train of thought for the automakers what are your suggestions for AIG, etc.?

  18. Same thing.Tighten our belts for ONE YEAR.Pay cash for items we absolutely NEED and put some of our wants off for 1 Year.We CAN get by with a lot less than we do or have-Ask anyone who went through the great depression.Many of the things we think we NEED are things we juat Want.Not to preach here, but the scripture states that MY God Shall Provide All My Needs according to His Riches in Glory.If Americans would cut back on what they purchase on credit and pay cash we could save litteraly thousands of dollars interest.Stop living on CREDIT.Keep one or two cards for Emergency and in case you need to make reservation.Go one YEAR without making major loan.

  19. Ohh thanks you so much - I was wondering what to pay attention to, and now I know. I will only be purchasing goods from States with the brains to support the survival of our country. Because if the big 3 go down, the 30s will look like glamorville on payday! I will not be buying, cotton products, crops from Tenessee, Alabama or any of the southern States, thank you to all the Michigan farmers and workers who so eagerly put produce and milk and beef in the markets. Yes, I think one should support oneself, so I hope those Southerners are good at learning a new language, shortly you will need to know Chinese, if your wonderful Mr. Shelby has his way!!!!!

  20. Median income in Mississippi is about 35K a year. You really expect people here to pay taxes to bail out idiots that have agreed to pay employees a rate 3X what they make (even when they don't work). I don't think so. I was thinking about a new Tahoe---think I will take a look at Toyota's instead. Until the big 3 can renegotiate some union contracts, I am opposed to giving them anything and am completely willing to boycot their products.

  21. Down with the Union and down with michigan. Its really part of canada and we really dont need it. Who drives through it? no one

  22. I understand that this blog is intended to debate the automotive industry, but there are other issues concerning the boycott of Alabama out there too. This is just a footnote for anybody from the great state of Michigan may find that they are traveling through Alabama...BEWARE. Here goes my horror story. About a week ago I was traveling through Alabama on my way to New Orleans where I have been called up for the forth time in support of Hurricane Katrina Relief. I was traveling on I-59 and was stopped by an Alabama State Trooper. Not a big deal, I have nothing to worry about...right? Before the officer approached my vehicle (Ford Mustang GT-Red made in Michigan) I made sure that both of my tinted windows were down and my hands were on the wheel in plain sight. The first thing he said was I need the info on this vehicle and your license. After handing it to him he then said shut off the car. I questioned him and said is this standard procedure in this state and what am I being stopped for? He replied with never mind that you better just do exactly as I say. I shut off my vehicle then he said to walk back to his vehicle and get in on the passenger side. Still confused, I did as he said. Once in the vehicle he pulled my driving record info up on the computer and then asked for my SSN. After he typed it in he then turned the computer out of sight to me but I could see that he was switching between screens and all of a sudden I had a MANSLAUGHTER CHARGE, 2 DISORDERLY CONDUCT CHARGES, DUI, AND 11 LICENSE SUSPENSIONS. Keep in mind I have a veteran license plate on my vehicle, clean cut in appearance, and a military reservist on active duty-deployed to the Gulf Coast no less. He tried to lure me into owning up to the info on the screen. I stated that the military does not let murderers or criminals enlist in the service. After about twenty minutes of pleading my innocence he finally let me go and said I better get my stuff squared away. In hindsight, I feel that the reason I was pulled over was because of my license plate and he could not tell my race (I am a white male) because of the tinted windows. I have made several calls requesting the officer to contact me with no success. I also pulled up my criminal record through the Michigan database and it is clean as a whistle. In closing, I hope this will heighten the awareness of Michigan residents if they have the misfortune of traveling through this racist, jealous, poorly educated, poverty stricken excuse for a state. I guess it does not pay to help your fellow man since after all the entire south has not evolved since 1863. Also, the old saying that the south will rise again is a joke. These people can't even rise out of bed to go to work everyday. I have withheld my identity, branch of service, and the officer’s name for fear that something may jeopardize my military career. Thank you for reading.

  23. Hey Reservist
    You mean you were asked to do something to earn the money you get every month from the government. You sit on your ass make fun of people you do not know crap about, and think you are being cute. You blue belly, carpet bagger yankee do not know your ass from a hole in the ground. Knowing you are in the military makes me sick, because I believe you are a candy ass, and can not fight your way out of a paper bag. yes in 1863 we were only 380,000 the north had 4,000,000 in the military, and you could not hold your own against us for 4 yrs. Mr Reservist please keep your ugly ass in michigan, because the snowbirds I see every day are the ugliest people I have ever seen in my life . Do you people in breed up there? The men look like gorillas, and the women like fat ass monkeys its enough to make one sick to have to look at a yankee here in our restaurants. Mr lazy ass reservist you keep your carpet bagger ass out of our Great state, and I will by pass michigan every time I have to travel north on business. Remember blue belly carpet bagger you yankees did not defeat us we just didnt have enough men or material to fight,but we did win a few battles, and kicked you yankees ass more than once. Now me, and my beautiful southern wife will attempt to go to diner where no ugly face,fat ass yankee is that will ruin our meal. By the way yankee why is it that you yankees always have your face stuck up your ass all the time. You are the most unfriendly people in the world. As far as your military career goes I could care less, because I know you are a bum, lazy, and a free loader off the government.Please do not ever come through our great state again, and I will stay out of yours.A contemptuous person as you needs to stay under your rock,and not try to be someone of importance. So, that being said I will close,oh by the way I was in vietnam , where were you? Probally siting on your lazy ass in a office while the real men were fighting. No I was not a pfc. I was in the Army Rangers...

  24. Sen. Shelby wants a bailout for Alabama because of Oil spill. I say let them fail, No bail-out...let them file bankruptcy. Drill baby, drill. He should call Palin to go to the spill and lead the efforts.

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