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Eric Bratcher

Eric Bratcher eric,bratcher

Eric Bratcher's Auto-Biography

Eric Bratcher is the Executive Editor of GamesRadar, one of the largest and most visited videogame websites in the world. He has been a videogame enthusiast for three decades and a videogame journalist for the past nine years, starting as a freelance writer and moving on to permanent positions at Next Generation magazine, PSM 100% Independent PlayStation Magazine, and finally GamesRadar. He lives in the San Francisco area with his wife and a pet pig named Bacon.

Eric Bratcher

(4) Remarks on Eric Bratcher, Executive Editor-GamesRadar

  1. hey eric i found you and guess that im not a complete computer techtarded fool... still interested in getting the What if... Phoenix had lived... comic from you and can you tell me why the game programmers are so lazy and not providing more games for the nintendo Wii like they are for the other systems... later...

  2. Hey Eric - its you right?

    Email me you updated contact information - we are having a reunion Labor Day weekend.

  3. I just talked to your step dad? He was telling me what you do now. My son had all kinds of questions about how you came to do what you do.

  4. Hey, Eric -
    Christine just emailed me that New World Spirits is having a reunion concert Jan. 16 in STL. Grab your wife and Mario and join us -- it would be a hoot! ...Sylvia's mother said you have to. I know it's a cover, but I just loved it when they sang it. Hope you're well! CSL

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