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Journalism 2.0 - Writers With Passion

Bloggers are at the forefront of the new media and here are some of the ones we really like.

Kara Swisher  - karaswisher,1226955448513
Kara Swisher started covering digital issues for The Wall Street Journal's San Francisco bureau in 1997.
Brian Crecente - brian,crecente
Brian Crecente is the editor of and writer for gaming blog Kotaku and video game writer for the Rocky Mountain News, where his work appears on the Scripps-Howard Wire Service.
Christopher Grant - christopher,grant
Motivated by either an unhealthy Messianic complex or a dearth of career opportunities (he never could decide which), Chris put his college education to good use as a carpenter before becoming editor of the popular gaming blog, Joystiq.
Chris Baker Needs to update their mshift pic
Howdy, my name is Chris Baker and I’m an editor at Wired magazine.
Brandon Boyer Needs to update their mshift pic
Brandon Boyer founded his first company at 18 with the independent music label KittyBoo Records.
Tal Blevins - tal,blevins
Talmadge Garvin Blevins (born December 1972) is the editorial director for IGN Entertainment's games division, Tal started at IGN in October 1998 as associate editor for IGN PC.
Shane Satterfield - shane,satterfield
Shane graduated from Temple University with a degree in journalism after spending several years publishing his own gaming Web site.
Sam Kennedy Needs to update their mshift pic
As site director, Sam Kennedy's fervent vision for the future of 1UP Network's online properties and respected leadership, coupled with his seasoned experience as editor-in-chief of 1UP.
Chris Kohler Needs to update their mshift pic
Chris Kohler is a video game journalist and editor who has written for several publications in the past decade, including Wired, Animerica, Official Nintendo Magazine and 1UP.
Bryn Williams Needs to update their mshift pic
Eric Bratcher - eric,bratcher
Eric Bratcher is the Executive Editor of GamesRadar, one of the largest and most visited videogame websites in the world.
Libe Goad - libe2
Texas native Libe Goad resides in New York City and has covered video games and gadgets for publications such as Blender, PC Magazine, Bust, Seventeen and Sync.
Zoe Flower Needs to update their mshift pic
When other teens were asking for cars, she asked for a computer.
Nick Chester - nick,chester,spike,bk,show
Not much is known about Nick Chester, although his alliance with the black market arms dealer Destro is very clear.
kristen Salvatore - kris,salvatore
I left NYC 9 years ago with the intention of checking out San Francisco for a few months before bouncing on to somewhere else (or back to New York).
N'Gai Croal - ngaicroal,1228160591517
N'Gai Croal was promoted to general editor in December of 1999.
Aaron Boulding - boulding
Aaron Boulding is an American video game journalist.
Scott Alexander Needs to update their mshift pic
Scott Alexander is Senior Editor of Playboy Magazine where he handles technology and videogames.
Mike Snider Needs to update their mshift pic
Mike Snider, age 45, began covering digital entertainment for USA TODAY in 1992 when he attended his first Consumer Electronics Show.
Brandon Sheffield Needs to update their mshift pic
Brandon Sheffield is Editor-In-Chief of Game Developer magazine, a trade magazine dedicated to the art and science of video game development, and Senior Contributing Editor to Gamasutra.
Jeff Gerstmann - jeff,gerstmann
Jeff Gerstmann is the former editorial director of the gaming website GameSpot.
Joe Babiasz - joe,babiasz
Joe Babiasz, a GM employee of 34 years, created boycottalabamanow.
Arieanna Foley - arieanna,foley
I am a professional blogger and business consultant out of Vancouver, BC.
Lindsey Iero Needs to update their mshift pic
Nicola Louise Needs to update their mshift pic
Web2newswire is a new way you can promote your site, businesses, blogs, and startups.
Shannon Dowdell Needs to update their mshift pic
John Gartner Needs to update their mshift pic
John previously wrote for mshift when I'm swamped with Labitat work and is a fantastic writer.
Larry Weber Needs to update their mshift pic
Larry is a globally known expert in public relations and marketing services.
Marijean Lauzier Needs to update their mshift pic
For more than two decades Marijean has provided strategic marketing and public relations counsel to the world's leading technology, health and science companies.
Matt O'Hern - matt,ohern,mattohern,marketingshift,ohernblogger
As a former member of the print media I'm a trained journalist (means I have a bachelors degree [printed of course] in the dying art of journalism) I bring a unique perspective from the land of the lost.

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