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My CV aka Curriculum Vitae aka Resume

My CV / Resume

Entrepreneurial Profile

Jason enjoys working on entrepreneurial projects / startups with other like minded individuals. Professionals who are well respected leaders in their fields and know far more about their area of expertise than him. Jason prefers these symbionic relationships because they tend to produce far superior results than any one individual could ever have produced on their own.

Jason's primarily focused in the technology / marketing / API integration areas. One of his talents lies in spotting new areas of opportunity in emerging technologies, especially web based, and trends other technology entrepreneurs have either yet to see or are unable to capitalize on without significant capital expenditures or development time. He thoroughly enjoys building partnerships and relationships between key entrepreneurs that "get it". He thoroughly enjoys being able to put two companies together that had no idea either existed but are able to immediately partner in a mutually beneficial relationship.

He prefers working on technology ventures that require no physical products or storage and instead offer automated services with a much lower overhead. This philosophy has allowed him to develop highly profitable companies and web based applications in the areas of emerging technology and online marketing with very little seed capital or cost of maintenance. It has also allowed him to spot trends using information retrieval and analysis on a large scale and then capitalize on those trends in each web application and service enhancement.

Work Experience

10/2005 - Present CEO / Founder Labitat Inc.
Founded Labitat Inc., a Web 2.0 startup with three key purposes.

1.) Consult for a handful of top internet brands to improve their online business and bridge gaps between marketing & sales via company specific data analysis.
2.) Launch several small research projects as experiments in viral marketing, brand monitoring, and conversion analysis via data mining & niche specific analytic methods.
3.) Outperform large internet marketing consulting firms by remaining small, agile and by hiring only the best.

Labitat is not the typical Web 2.0 startup funded by a VC with deep pockets and visions of grandeur having little chance of materializing into anything meaningful. Instead Labitat is a startup funded by consulting projects. If Labitat's client's don't succeed then neithe will Labitat. Simple as that.

6/2004 - 5/2005 Director of Search Technologies
Responsible for the technical implementation of search engine optimization and search marketing campaigns at the world's largest search engine marketing company.

Enabled WebSourced to land and Global search marketing contracts with large corporate clients like Motorola, Lowes and iVillage through the use of automation and sophisticated web applications.

Raised client retention numbers to record levels through an improved customer service initiative and task management system.

Spoke at several search engine marketing conferences and communicated directly with the major search engines on several high profile projects, internal and external.

6/2004 - 5/2005 Founder / CEO GlobalPromoter
Founded a search engine marketing firm focused on increasing traffic from the major search engines [like Google and Yahoo] to customer websites through increased positioning in the natural search results and increased ROI through ppc management. Jason also designed, developed and launched an automated self service search engine optimization service called TurboPromoter that allowed novices to optimize their web sites for increased placement in the search engines without them having to know anything about search engine optimization.

GlobalPromoter and TurboPromoter were acquired in less than 18 months of being launched. There was no advertising or marketing budget and the entire company was bootstrapped. It continues to generate leads and has over 18,000 members using the free seo tools on GlobalPromoter today.

Revenues from GlobalPromoter rose by 300% after the company was acquired and profits rose by an even greater percentage due to the use of the automated TurboPromoter system Jason developed.

1/2002 - 2/2004 Senior Web Developer NASA/United Space Alliance
Created custom middle tier layer for Human Resources to connect PeopleSoft v8 to the web using ColdFusion.

1/2001 - 1/2002 Senior Web Developer InetUSA
Web development, interface design & search engine optimization & marketing for a boutique web dev firm.

1/1999 - 2/2001 Technical Analyst Oracle Corp.
Supported Oracle enterprise financial applications & high severity clients. Custom bug development fixes & testing.

7/1997 - 12/1998 Founder / Vice President Cutter's Choice Inc.
Small business startup acted as a living research project while Jason pursued his degree in accounting at UCF. Was handed down to his brothers upon graduation and transformed into a famous skateboard shop still alive and kicking today.


Business development, internet / search engine marketing expert, web application architect [development & design including database and middle tier], market research & analysis, data mining, back end search engine development / architecture, and web usability testing.

Achievements: Speaking & Writing

Put up the popular Marketing Shift blog, a personal blog discussing technology and marketing. Also slapped up API Blog, focused on consumable web services implemented as application programming interfaces. Founded GoGo Mama, a resource for expectant mothers.

Quoted in the following places:
Google News
Network World
Financial Times
Tech News World
Robert Scoble Links
The Inquirer
Search Engine Watch
Silicon Valley Watcher

Other mentions include:'s press center, pheedo's blog, Kelsey Group's Blog, BrightCove's blog, iUpload's blog, WebProNews, Renee Blodgett's Down The Avenue and other places to be seen and heard. Unfortunately he's also read on many regurgablogs, sites that scrape jason's quotes and post it as their own content, shame on them.

Speaking Gigs & Events
WebSourced Inc's SEMLive search marketing conference. Kelsey Group's Drilling Down on Local Conference. Invited to take part in's shopping search engine prelaunch event.


12/1998 Bachelor of Science in Accounting University of Central Florida

Contact Jason

Jason Dowdell
1241 Potomac Drive.
Merritt Island, Fl 32952

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