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Jason Dowdell

1974: born
1978: started school Jason Dowdell
in Cocoa, Florida at Fairglen Elementary under principal James "Jay" Clark
1979: became a big brother for the first time
79 - 85: time spent learning the ways of the ninja, eating pizza, getting in trouble and surfing with my best friend.
1985: played 'grandpa' in a school play and performed at Florida Folk Festival in front of thousands.
1986: witnessed Space Shuttle Challenger accident and interviewed by Atlanta TV station.
1986: wrote poem about Space Shuttle accident and read over morning announcements.
1987: first and only year in private school. learned the power of an amiga 500
1988: started working summers pulling lawnmower parts in a 115 degree warehouse in Orlando, Florida for a slavedriver. cut from jv soccer team. learned power of determination.
1989: made jv soccer team. started my first official business, a car audio store.
1990: invented solar powered residential energy/cooling system, president of Spanish Honor Society
1991: took ap chemistry and physics
1992: enrolled in english night school class and learned about fireworks while reading Shakespeare
1993: found out I hated school
1994: worked at Gucci on Worth Avenue in Palm Beach, Fl. learned the rich are still human.
1995: learned the value of a dollar
1996: conquered my fears and decided to major in accounting, conquered my fear of big waves and surfing became incredibly fun
1997: asked out by a really hot girl, founded Cutter's Choice Inc., founded, learned html, investigated search engine marketing
1998: accepted position at Oracle. learned about office space. began developing web apps.
1999: learned enterprise financial software isn't any fun. bought my first new car.
2000: worked more hours at home than I did at Oracle. learned that I love technology.
2001: married the really hot girl that asked me out. left Oracle for a small web firm. left small web firm for United Space Alliance.
2002: founded Engine Studio Inc.
2003: became a father. re-launched, created first online search engine optimization system.
2004: Sold Engine Studio Inc. and, became a father for the second time. learned experience is the father of wisdom and the only thing to fear in life is regret. Got slashdotted, blogged on ZDNet
2005: Started to follow the api industry and get a bunch of smart folks together to discuss the present and future of api's.
2005: Began doing business development consulting for internet companies of all sizes. Contact me if you'd like my input on your project.

Featured on...
Financial Times
Network World
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Contact Info: I can be reached via email the mshift contact page or you can read my CV for more details about me and how to get in touch with me.


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