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About Southwest Airlines

I still remember shopping at the record store when I was in college. My trusty checkbook was jammed in the back pocket of my jeans, and when I found that killer new Aerosmith eight-track tape, I would write the store a check. When I needed some spending money, most often for adult refreshments—only after turning 21, I promise!—I had to cash a check at the bank before it closed, or pay an exorbitant check-cashing fee at a campus area store that offered this service.

For Southwest Customers, buying a beer on a flight has pretty much been a similar convoluted process (minus the exorbitant fees). As you can read in this month's Southwest Spotlight (page 170), that is about to change with the introduction of our cashless cabin. (One thing I have learned in more than two decades of being a Southwest Employee is that we love to come up with great names for our projects. I don't know why, but our folks wouldn't let me name this project “Sweet Emotion.”)

Cashless cabin is but one of several exciting changes underway that will pull Southwest from vinyl to the 21st century. We live in an exciting age where technology is making life more productive. Our website,, is getting a complete upgrade that will provide you the information you need and the convenience you deserve. We will soon start testing onboard Wi-Fi Internet connections. We are working on ways to improve how we communicate with Customers during irregular operations. And we are upgrading our computer systems to handle the recently announced codeshare with WestJet from Canada. These are but a few of literally hundreds of projects—unfortunately, none codename: Sweet Emotion—in progress to improve the Customer experience.

Some change is inevitable and necessary, and, frankly, better. When is the last time you purchased an eight-track tape? Change means adapting to a new way of doing things, but it's all part of our efforts to make your travel experience the best it can be. Of course, there are some things you can still chisel in stone. They include our commitment to provide you with the very best Customer Service delivered at an affordable price and in the safest way possible. Now, anybody seen my checkbook?

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Southwest Airlines Contact Info

T:   800-435-9792
A:   2702 Love Field Dr. Dallas TX 75235

(2) Remarks on Southwest Airlines

  1. I have always loved SW Airline and the very nice people that you hire. Recently my girlfriends & I traveled to Las Vegas and on the return trip home we had EXCEPTIONAL service from 2 girls when we were checking in. I wanted to let you know their names so you could maybe commend them. They were Nohemi Pleaza and Theresa Willis (window 33). I didn't get Nohemi window number and I am not sure of the spelling of her last name, but doubt you have any other Nohemi's in Las Vegas? Anyway, they were very, very nice and just wanted to let you know.

  2. Over $500 dollars was not refunded toward another ticket. Really very poor customer service.

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