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White Blox

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About White Blox

WhiteBlox, driven by its commitment to excellence, aims to be the leader in providing easy-to-use, powerful and complete integrated IP video solutions, offering technologies and services that empower our customers to be their own IPTV broadcaster and to create extensible integrated interactive environments under the banner of their own brand.

WhiteBlox delivers dynamic, powerful simple building blocks to help your company launch its own broadband television network. WhiteBlox provides robust technology and application services in a comprehensive production and delivery suite that allows companies to become their own IPTV 'broadcasters.' WhiteBlox gives clients the flexibility, control and ability to leverage video assets and content into dynamic, engaging and profitable channels.

The WhiteBlox system is comprised of 4 aggregated components:

1. ToolBlox.
Integrated set of proprietary software and optimized hardware used to Build your own network

2. Industry Suites.
Packaged combinations of ToolBox, interactive features and services optimized for different industry segments such as : Media/Entertainment, Brands/Business, Corporate, Non-profit and Government.

3. Premium Solutions.
Custom-built extensions and enhancements to the core Box for clients with custom or complex needs

4. Services.
WhiteBlox has created a host of service elements to support the tools and finished network, including reporting, research, maintenance, monitoring, training, commerce support and ad sales.

White Blox Contact Info

T:   (281) 210-5000
A:   1201 Lake Woodlands Drive, Second Floor East Spring TX 77380

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