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About Veoh

Veoh provides a unique system for distributing television and video content that re-writes the rules of television broadcasting. The Veoh Player software, installed on PCs or Macs, creates a virtual television network, a system that is able to distribute TV-Quality, Full-Screen video to the hundreds of millions of users around the world via broadband internet connections. Anyone from the largest studio to up-and-coming independents to aspiring enthusiasts can broadcast without the constraints of cost, capacity or geography.

Motion picture studios, television networks, companies, organizations, and individuals can use Veoh to publish unlimited amounts of broadcast-quality video content, providing consumers with unparalleled choice in television programming. Veoh provides a secure delivery system that prevents piracy and provides publishers unprecedented control over their content.

Veoh believes that this democratization of television broadcasting is as profound as the change that was brought on by the World Wide Web, which democratized print publishing. Just like there are millions of web sites, produced by enthusiasts, individual professionals and large companies, there will there be millions of TV shows produced, providing compelling content for every imaginable interest and desire. Forget about the world of hundreds of channels and get ready for the world of millions of channels.

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A:   7220 Trade Street Suite 115 San Diego CA 92121

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  1. support is not answering my emails.can't open some movies

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Dmitry Shapiro of Veoh on IPTV
Response to the comment prior to this from Bill Wi...
by A friend of Dmitry's
Dmitry Shapiro of Veoh on IPTV
I have spoken with Dmitry Shapiro on many occasion...
by Bill Winters

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