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About is the first web-based video RSS aggregator. During the past year, thousands of Web sites have begun offering new video feeds - contaning everything from short video clips to full length movies. An incredible variety of feeds are now available that are updated on a regular basis - daily or weekly. Video publishers offering feeds include individual "vloggers", large TV networks, record companies, cable networks, and thousands of other large and small publishers. We developed Channels to help Web users more easily discover and watch all of this great new episodic Web video. has put together all the pieces for a very consumer-friendly experience with video feeds. We maintain the Web's largest (and growing) searchable index of video RSS feeds. We run a server farm that is constantly updating our database of feeds as new video items are posted to the thousands of feeds in our index. Lastly, we have developed an Ajax-based web application (this website) for consumers to manage personal feed subscriptions and view videos.

The concept and design of Channels was incubated at Odyssey Management Capital ( Channels was developed by Sean Doherty, Brian O'Rourke, John Goecke, Alex Soto, David Martinez and Teresa Hardy .

Contact us via email at or let us know what you think through our Google Group. News & Related Stories Contact Info

T:   650-470-7508
A:   550 Lytton Avenue, 2nd Floor Palo Alto Palo Alto CA 94301

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