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About Endeca

They basically are one of the big four players when it comes to enterprise search, nuff said.

The platform is powered by MDEX Engine™ technology, a new class of database designed for exploring information, not managing transactions. Its innovative architecture, including a flexible data model, summarizing query mechanism, and proprietary data-management algorithms, unites the ease of search with the analytical power of business intelligence.

Solutions built on this platform return much more than just query results. They also provide dynamic summaries of all the data and content in those results. And with every step the user takes, these summaries instantly change based on the user’s selected filters, the possibilities in the data, and any business rules. This Guided Summarization™ experience leads millions of people, one at a time, to unexpected insights, increasing revenue, decreasing costs, and accelerating operations.

The Endeca Information Access Platform aids information-based problem solving across a wide variety of business processes, including eCommerce, marketing-campaign analysis, product design and parts reuse, knowledge management, customer service, and more. To meet highly specific industry and application requirements, Endeca offers a range of market solutions, each designed to accelerate time-to-market and maximize return.

Discovering our name

The company name "Endeca" is derived from the German word "entdecken" meaning "to discover." Viewed in the context of information integration and navigation, Endeca technology not only allows users to find what they are looking for, but also to discover the possibilities they never knew existed along the way.

Endeca Employees

We track both past and present Endeca employees and key Endeca executives.

Endeca Contact Info

T:   (617) 674-6000
A:   101 Main Street Cambridge MA 02142

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