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Digital Influence Group

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About Digital Influence Group

They tout themselves as the social media marketing experts. They provide a top 10 list for using social media. Although DIG doesn't explicitly state it, they mean these tips are how to best use social media in your marketing efforts. Here's their list.

1. Educate your organization about what social media is, what the benefits are to the organization, and provide best practices. Don't go it alone.
2. Establish social media marketing governance so that individuals engaging in social media activities clearly understand their roles and responsibilities and the rules of the road.
3. Set clear goals for what the organization wants to achieve using social media.
4. Establish clear metrics to measure the effectiveness of social media in achieving marketing and business goals.
5. When participating in the blogosphere, social networks and online communities, be transparent about who you are, who you represent, and what you are doing.
6. Use plain language, be sincere and candid. Tailor communications according to the interests of the audience. Don't send out generic marketing messages.
7. Provide value-added content and information. Engage and educate. Don't use the hard sell.
8. Welcome feedback, both positive and negative, and respond quickly to it.
9. Participate in other communities as well as build your own. Read and comment on other bloggers' posts and join in the dialogue in the communities.
10. Use rich media (animation, video, audio) and humor to engage audiences.

Digital Influence Group Employees

We track both past and present Digital Influence Group employees and key Digital Influence Group executives.

Digital Influence Group Contact Info

T:   (781) 487-4670
A:   404 Wyman Street, Suite 375 Waltham MA 02451

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