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About TiVo

Your TiVo box, powered by the amazing TiVo service, automatically finds and digitally records all of your favorite shows, every time they're on. Every episode of your favorite series. Every Coppola movie. Every home improvement program. Even Dora cartoons! Whatever you choose. All while you're out living life. Plus, only TiVo lets you watch your favorite shows any time, anywhere.


Only TiVo offers a complete home entertainment experience, including:

Award-winning features that automatically record your favorite shows-whenever they're on

A search engine to find and automatically record the shows that match your interests (by title, actor, director, category, even keyword)

Easy home networking features that enable online services like Podcasts, Yahoo! Weather & Traffic, and local movie listings & tickets from Fandango

Easy-to-use to-go features that let you transfer shows to your laptop or portable device, or easily burn them to DVD**

Scheduling last-minute shows from the Web

For inquiries from the media (and media only), contact:
Jeff Weir
Sloane & Company for TiVo Inc.
Phone: (212) 446-1878

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TiVo Contact Info

T:   408-519-9100
A:   2160 Gold Street Alviso CA 95002-2160

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