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About ActivSoftware

ActivSoftware delivers software solutions that enable organizations to automate and manage internal and external service processes. With more than 7,000 customers worldwide and over 8 years of product development and investment, ActivSoftware, delivers out-of-the-box, best-practice applications that help our customers align service and support with business objectives, improve service levels, manage assets, and lower costs.

ActiveSoftware is now

Zrinity provides email marketing server, software and appliances to large businesses and advertising agencies. Zrinity's email delivery systems are very reliable and high-speed. Zrinity provides its customers with a high-performance, enterprise email marketing server and email marketing & list management system. Zrinity's behavioral communications systems are used for customer retention, invoice delivery assurance & marketing and business newsletters.

Zrinity provides easy integration, high delivery rates, and drastically increased ROI from email campaigns. Zrinity is located in Central New York and serves a wide variety of industries such as banking & financial, education, government & military, health care, retail, B2B and B2C. Zrinity customers include The Pentagon, PGA, Boeing, Pfizer, Duke University and thousands more.

ActivSoftware Contact Info

T:   (866) 566-1867
A:   10 Main St. Whitesboro NY 13492

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