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GoingOn Networks, Inc.

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About GoingOn Networks, Inc.

A weblog publishing and community management platform for the Open Media World.

Organizations of all sizes can use GoingOn to build interactive communities around their most important initiatives and benefit from the open and compatible "network of networks" environment.

Tony Perkins, Co-Founder & CEO
Chris Dobbrow, President & COO
Carl Wescott, CTO
Bernard Moon, Co-Founder & Vice President of Business Development
Adrian Chan, Social Interaction Designer
Mike Tam, Lead Designer
Arno Ghelfi, Consulting Designer

Dries Buytaert
Marc Canter
Bill Cleary
Brad Feld
Bruce Gellman
Susan Mernit

GoingOn Networks allows companies to:
Set-up your own brand network within minutes and build an interactive community around your initiatives and ideas
Easy-to-use weblog publishing system that incorporates the latest blogging, search, tagging, and feeds.
Powerful community management system with full-access controls
Real-time access to full range of network traffic, member, and content data & analytics
Fully hosted, scalable and secure platform

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GoingOn Networks, Inc. Contact Info

A:   PO Box 620100 Redwood City CA 94062

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