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About UpSnap

mobile search engine

As the first company to address mobile search, UpSNAP has built its technology platform from the ground up with specific focus on the unique challenges of providing a usable and functional mobile search experience.
UpSNAP's patent-pending technology combines wireless search and natural language commands to deliver premium services to mobile phones, while generating revenue via a voice over IP (VOIP) call connect infrastructure that links mobile phone users with vendors in its pay-per-call advertising program as well as through subscriptions.
In addition, through its proprietary SWInG (Streaming Wireless Internet Gateway) platform, UpSNAP enables mobile access to virtually any type of live and on-demand streaming audio content including NASCAR In-Car Audio, ESPN Radio, and over 150 additional radio channels covering music, news, and entertainment.
All the UpSNAP technology can be licensed by wireless carriers, service providers and content providers who wish to incorporate searchable wireless streaming audio capabilities into their existing product and service offerings.

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