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Stitches Sportswear

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About Stitches Sportswear

In designing our products, we drew from our experience competing at the grass-roots level, high school level, collegiate level as well as the professional level. We understand what our customers are looking for in performance apparel and possess a passion for providing apparel that works.

Our goal everyday is to offer our customers the best quality in sports apparel and customer service. Without our valued customers, Stitches Sportswear would not be possible.

The entire team at Stitches Sportswear™ hopes you our customer will enjoy wearing our products as much as the Stitches® team enjoys providing them for you.

The name Stitches Sportswear™ was created by a dear friend of ours who is no longer with us. You will be missed and will always be a part of the Stitches Sportswear™ Family. Whether you’re going for a jog, pumping iron at the gym, or testing your skills in the competitive arena of team or individual sports, one thing you can count on from Stitches Sportswear™ is an outstanding product of the highest quality that can match your level of intensity and performance.

Stitches Sportswear™ was founded in 2006 by a pair of friends and former collegiate athletes who played baseball at the professional level. It was their goal then to provide a line of sportswear of the highest quality that athletes at any level could enjoy. That goal remains the same today as Stitches® continues to strive to outfit its customers with apparel that boasts comfort, durability and performance.

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