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About ShamWow

ShamWow's infomercial uses a different approach than the typical late night ad.

ShamWow's infomercials feature Vince, a slick-talking wiseguy.

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(2) Remarks on ShamWow

  1. Your Vince guy should be band from t.v., he is a sarcastic jerk. It looks like if you wanted to make bigger sales you would pick someone people can like, this vince guy tries to be so cute on the new product the chopper, this thing already exists in stores all over the world it has been around for years, but at least years ago it was big enough to chop whole potato's, not just a small peice of garlic, most people woould not trust this vince guy to pull the handle on a ride at a flea bit circus ride, either vince is the producer of the crap he is trying to sell or someone that is sponsoring him needs to have someone check their medication.

  2. Recently my husband had an accident and cut his arm very badly, we live 45min from the nearest hospital emergency, he sealed the wound with his hand but because he is on blood thinners we had to wrap the wound with someting to keep the blood from dripping everywhere, I grabed a Sham Wow and wrapped it around the arm and we drove to the hospital. There was no blood in the vehicle and every health care professional was very impressed with the use of the Sham Wow....this could be used as a selling tool as it works very well at absorbing blood and hospitals could have a reusable product andcleaning tool for medical purposes.... of course I would expect some credit for this if it is the first time you have ever heard this use for your I said most professional at the Emergency were very impressed with the way we were using the product.

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