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About iParty - makes it easy, convenient, affordable and fun to shop for the best supplies for throwing a memorable party.

At iParty there’s always a reason to celebrate! Fun products, great customers and dedicated employees all make iParty what it is. With more than 50 retail stores in New England and Florida, a website packed with product and party tips and solid, long-term relationships with our customers, vendors and employees, we’re dedicated to making shopping for the party almost as much fun as the party itself!

Best of all, our party is just beginning - we're opening new retail stores throughout New England, enhancing our product line and improving the customer and employee experience every day.

Our Mission
To become the leader in the party supplies industry by offering the largest selection of merchandise at competitive prices across a multi-channel platform: retail stores and web site - making it easy, convenient, affordable and fun for our customers to throw the perfect party. Our goal is to give our customers a truly enjoyable shopping experience and our employees a fun work experience!

Our Employees
Our more than 1,000 employees throughout New England and Florida are one of our most important assets. We believe that when we treat our employees well, they in turn treat our customers well. That is why we continue to review and develop programs and benefits designed to meet our employees’ needs. Our employees are the ones who keep the party going!

iParty Contact Info

T:   781-329-3952
A:   FL

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