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(4) Remarks on McDonalds:World's Fast Food Leader Retail

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  4. My name is Suzanne Powers I am a sales Consultant for the Ithaca Pennysaver, in Ithaca NY. Today on my sales run in Cortland NY I went to Mc Donald's drive thru and grabbed a Mocha Frappe and a Mc Chicken with Cheese Sandwich. I pulled out of the drive thru and as I was driving I began to eat my McChicken, my first bite tasted a little funky, but I didn't really pay attention because I was driving through the construction on RT13. My second bite was really mushy and as I swallowed I looked down at my sandwich to find that I was eating RAW CHICKEN!!!!! I was extremely disturbed by what I was seeing I immediately turned my car around and went back to Mc Donald's, on my short drive back to Mc Donald's I pulled back some of the breaded part of the chicken to see that the entire thing was RAW! When I walked in the manager (Laura) was standing at the counter I showed what her team had sent out the kitchen she was appalled and immediately wrapped the sandwich up, I requested that she showed the 3 guys in the back what I was eating when she did one guy smiled and the other two didn't seem to concerned. This infuriates me, that Mc Chicken sandwich could easily have been for my 4 year old little boy, whom of which would have eaten the entire thing and I would not have had a clue he was eating raw chicken because I would have been driving! The thought of going to Mc Donald's or any other fast food restaurant again makes me nauseous! I will be contacting my lawyer!

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