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Public Relations Firms

Mayo Communications logo - mayo,communication,logo
At MAYO Communications we use a variety of proven tactics to let the world know about your company, products and services.
Outcast Communications logo - outcast,communications,logo
Founded by Caryn Marooney and Margit Wennmachers in 1997, OutCast Communications has become one of the premier technology PR agencies in the United States.
Perkett PR logo - perkettpr,logo
Ninety-nine percent of what PR agencies do is done on the telephone, the computer, the fax machine, or in the clients office.
Pierce Mattie Public Relaions logo - piercemattie,logo
As the leader in lifestyle public relations, Pierce Mattie PR specializes in developing publicity campaigns for beauty, cosmetic, fashion, home furnishing, and health conscious clients utilizing a fusion of public relations, viral marketing, cross promotions, exciting events, product placement, and web site publicity.
Plesser Holland Associates logo - plesser,holland,logo
PR for PR Week Plesser Holland Associates is a boutique public relations firm serving four practice areas: media, academia and financial services.
Racepoint Group - racepoint,group,1213030936664
Based in Waltham, Mass.
RLM PR logo - rlm,pr,logo
RLM Public Relations is a full-service PR firm serving clients in a wide range of industries using the Full Frontal Approach™, encompassing: * Aggressive pursuit of PR tactics aligned with corporate strategy * Proven methodology; measurable and tangible results * Disciplined structure; no frivolous activity * Being constantly responsive and nimble; always getting our hands dirty * Continually providing useful information to journalists, turning on a dime RLM created the Full Frontal PR™ Approach * We’re smart, we have extensive experience with web site and consumer goods promotion * We know what we’re doing, and so will you * We won’t waste your money * You can trust us; we’re experts * We know how to turn companies, products and people into cultural phenomena * With offices in New York, Los Angeles, and Washington DC, we know all the relevant media
RMS Public Relations logos
RMS specializes in public relations for companies using the many voices of media, print and technology.
Rocket Science logo - rocket,science,logo
We are a PR firm that understands that marketing needs to drive sales, not egos.
Ruder Finn logo - ruder,finn,logo
I once described PR as "an old method of advocacy and salesmanship updated to meet the conditions of a mass society," but that description now seems too simplistic.
Sloane & Company logo - sloane,logo
PR for TiVo Founded in 1998, Sloane & Company is an award winning public relations and investor relations firm.
Spark PR logo - spark-pr-logo
A spark is the beginning of something sustainable and vibrant, beautiful and powerful.
Special Ops Media - specialopsmedia,logo
Continuing to expand the relationship with clients such as AMC, Disney, and First Look among others, Special Ops has been producing a steadily rising number of online ad campaigns, almost tripling the number of campaigns in the past 6 months.
SSPR logo - ss,pr,logo
Founded in 1978, we have built a reputation for excelling at the toughest part of public relations: getting ink for our clients.
StupidVideos logo - stupid,videos,logo
Main logo - sutherlandgold,logo
Want coverage that drives business?
The Castle Group logo - castle,group,logo
The Castle Group delivers strategic, innovative, creative and tailored public relations and events management for corporate clients who recognize the value of effectively communicating with their key audiences.
Voxus logo - voxus,logo
Voxus was spun out of a prominent West Coast technology PR firm specifically to target smaller companies and their particular requirements.
World Speaks Project logo - world,speakes,logo
To unite people of different cultures and nations in the process of creation of a movie about unconditional love and beauty of the World.
Zeno Group logo - zenogroup,logo
We analyze marketplace conditions by gathering and interpreting in–depth intelligence, scrutinizing opinions, and gauging perceptions.

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