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So I'll tell you a bit about the requisite third-person style, to boot.

Amy Hooker has an employment background rich in culture and technology. After receiving a cum laude Communication Studies degree from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, Amy began her career at North Carolina's oldest history museum, Cape Fear Museum.

While directing public relations and marketing efforts at Cape Fear Museum, Amy wrote and distributed more than 75 press releases each year. In addition to procuring local and regional media coverage, she secured coverage in national markets, including broadcast exposure on NBC's Today Show, ESPN and Hard Copy, and print coverage in Attache (the magazine of US Airways), Woman's Day special publication Kids: Activities for Families and Sports Illustrated for Kids.

After moving north to Delaware, Amy worked with a local advertising agency, serving as account manager for five clients. More than just an account manager, Amy was responsible for writing, media relations, multimedia and web design for all of the agency's clients.

Since forming maven communications in January of 2000, Amy has successfully obtained clients and completed assignments, always striving to go above and beyond expectations.

Amy returned to North Carolina in June of 2001, buying a little house with great hardwood floors that make her feet cold. She is kept caffeinated by the South's version of 'nectar to the Gods'--Diet Sundrop, of course--and tries to refrain from eating greasy Bojangles biscuits, which is somewhat difficult, considering that they've just brought back the ever so delicious 'smoked sausage' biscuit for a limited time.

Did I mention that you win a prize if you read this whole thing?

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Maven Communications Contact Info

T:   (910) 362-8004
A:   2024 Adams Street Wilmington NC 28401

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  1. It's time for a catch up conversation. Just looking at some of our old "boys" like Lee and Greg.. My how twenty years makes a difference. I'd love to hear from you again soon. Give me a call 252-342-4666. I'd love to see you. Just pick up the phone. Don't worry, no flannel shirts or belt buckles yet. Actually, don't even know how to spell flannel. I'm just as freaking crazy as ever and have much to share. "About nothing" For Christ sakes, I'm a Government employee, how exciting can that actually be. Could use some real conversation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or my private line at work

    252-464-7586 just
    listen for the loser, trying to say somemthing professional...

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