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About LaunchSquad

PR for Adify
PR for NewsGator

We formed LaunchSquad in 1999 to create an all-star team of experienced PR pros to deliver the highest quality work to growing technology companies.

While we've grown a bit since Jason M., Jason T. and Jesse first set up shop on California Street, their vision still lies at the core of what drives us today: it's about talented, creative people doing outstanding work for the most innovative companies in the world. It's what we call the LaunchSquad experience.

So just what is the LaunchSquad experience?

* It's about an insatiable amount of energy and enthusiasm for new ideas and inventions.
* It's about healthy debate and dialogue.
* It's about a group of people that work hard, care for one another and are steadfastly committed to excellence, teamwork and enjoying what they do.
* It's that our clients view us as an important strategic partner, not an outsourced vendor. They may even be using one of our team rooms on any given week.
* It's about a level of efficiency and continuity in communications that comes from a keen focus on delivering amazing results and exceeding expectations day in and out.
* It's a belief that everyone on the team is smart, passionate, dedicated and invested in our clients' success.
* It's that our senior team spends its time in the trenches doing meaningful PR work for clients every day.
* It's that our clients constantly rely on us to move as quickly as they do.

Most importantly, the LaunchSquad experience is about knowing you have the full attention, commitment and energy of an All-Star PR team when you need it most.

LaunchSquad Employees

We track both past and present LaunchSquad employees and key LaunchSquad executives.

LaunchSquad Contact Info

T:   415-625-8555
A:   611 Mission Street, 7th floor San Francisco CA 94105

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