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CooperKatz & Company

About CooperKatz & Company

A PR Firm

In business communications, creativity makes an enormous difference…

* Between a marketing campaign that touches the minds and hearts of customers… and one that disappears in the marketplace clutter
* Between a media relations effort that achieves significant, positive coverage… and one that is ridiculed or ignored
* Between a memorable, motivating business meeting… and one that is "tuned out" by its audiences
* Between an eagerly anticipated employee publication… and one that is quickly discarded.

We specialize in Creative Business Communications because we believe that creativity is the catalyst that energizes every type of communications effort - whether for consumers, business customers, healthcare professionals, financial audiences, the media or employees. We contend that no communication is so important or so unimportant, so serious or so simple, that it can't benefit from creative thought and creative execution.

At the same time, we know that creativity is not an end in itself. Nor does great creative work justify a project going over budget, being late or not delivering on objectives.

Creative Business Communications, as we practice it, is about smart, creative, effective solutions to business problems, executed on time and on budget.

The principals of CooperKatz & Company rose through the creative ranks to positions of seniority at a very large public relations agency. Now, under their leadership, a new, creative, highly motivated agency has emerged, serving a broad range of client needs.

CooperKatz & Company Employees

We track both past and present CooperKatz & Company employees and key CooperKatz & Company executives.

CooperKatz & Company Contact Info

T:   (212) 455-8030
A:   708 Third Avenue 34th floor New York NY 10017

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