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Connors Communications

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About Connors Communications

PR for ShopWiki

Wrote HitTail Software

Connors Communications is a strategic public relations firm specializing in emerging technology clients that change the way we live, learn and work. For 20 years, we have surpassed client aspirations thanks to our media influence and experience.

We have catapulted start-ups to the forefront of their industry through organic search results and improved the web traffic of well-known brands by as much as 98% in one year, while improving sales and reducing ad spending.

Connors has a track record of helping companies become leaders in their industries. We have designed our SEO services to improve search engine rankings, dramatically increase website traffic, and assist in converting unique visitors to customers by providing them with valuable information.

Connors Communications Employees

We track both past and present Connors Communications employees and key Connors Communications executives.

Connors Communications Contact Info

T:   (212) 798-1411
A:   7 West 22nd Street New York NY 10010

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