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Cohn Wolfe

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About Cohn Wolfe

We build brands

Although our craft is public relations, our business is brand marketing. We specialize in helping clients create, build and defend brands using big ideas that can be executed across a variety of media. We focus on the right audience, the right channel and the right voice to build loyalty that lasts. Couple this with sophisticated brand-planning processes and it’s not uncommon to see our concepts leveraged across the entire marketing mix.
Creative. Really.

Creativity is what we’ve been known for from our beginning. It’s part of our DNA. And we work hard to make sure that as we grow we don’t lose our edge, from investments in creative leadership globally, a worldwide creative network, and training for every employee in well-oiled creative techniques.

What’s the best source of creativity? Information. You simply can’t generate a great idea or execute a great program without real understanding. At Cohn & Wolfe, we look deep into every industry and audience to surface essential insights. We’re among the few agencies with dedicated research and brand planning professionals and tools.

But don’t take our word for it. The Holmes Report, the influential PR-industry trade says: “The firm is still best known for its creativity, but it doesn’t see creativity as a random free-for-all it once was. Creativity is the result of a disciplined process, and Cohn & Wolfe has come as close to mastering that process as any firm in the public relations business”
Dominant in digital

The emergence – and soon dominance – of digital and social media makes participation in this new landscape mandatory, albeit intimidating to the uninitiated. Cohn & Wolfe is a long-time leader at leveraging digital and social media to help clients achieve competitive advantage and business results. Our programs enable dynamic, transparent and two-way experiences with multiple stakeholders. And we continue to innovate. Most recently, PRWeek awarded us their “PR Innovation of the Year” award for the Dell IdeaStorm program, a community site that allows customers to share and discuss ideas on products and services.
Practices and resources

These strengths are expanded by our practice structure. Unlike other agencies that organize their practices around P &Ls, we’re structured to focus our knowledge and intellectual capital to meet the needs of our clients in distinct areas of experience, including Consumer Branding, Corporate, Healthcare, and Technology, Digital, Sustainability and Sports Marketing. We also offer strategic partnerships with WPP companies Quinn Gillespie, a leading public affairs firm, and Schematic, a strategic interactive agency that creates branded experiences.

We are a ‘Top Ten’ agency, but we are alone in our ability to offer you the creative, cross-channel programming you need to thrive in the new communications landscape.

Cohn Wolfe Employees

We track both past and present Cohn Wolfe employees and key Cohn Wolfe executives.

Cohn Wolfe Contact Info

T:   (212) 798-9700
A:   292 Madison Avenue New York NY 10017

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Cohn & Wolfe

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