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About NewsVine

Seattle-based Newsvine, Inc. was launched in March 2006 by a small team of like-minded colleagues with one purpose: to build a perfectly different, perfectly efficient way to read, write, and interact with the news.

Founded by veterans of Disney, ESPN, and other media organizations, the mission of Newsvine is to bring together big and little media in a way which respects established journalism and empowers the individual at the same time.

At Newsvine, you can read stories from established media organizations like the Associated Press, ESPN, and New Scientist as well as individual contributors from all around the world. Placement of stories is determined by a multitude of factors including freshness, popularity, and reputation. Contribution is open to all, and editorial judgement is in the hands of the community.

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(2) Remarks on NewsVine

  1. I have to say that "tyler" is a very biased person, and has alienated many people from Newsvine. Newsvine does not support liberal views.

  2. Newsvine does not support liberal viewpoints. Newsvine "baits" liberal viewpoints with phoney headlines followed by comments by Palin loving idiots. Everyone else gets "deleted."

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