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About Findory

Have you visited your favorite news site only to find a bunch of headlines which have nothing to do with your interests? Have you looked at the plethora of RSS Feeds and configure-your-own websites and felt overwhelmed by the choices?

That's where Findory can help. Our personalization technology builds a home page for each reader, recommending content based on what each person has read and what new content is published.

Findory was a personalized news site. The site launched in January 2004 and shut down November 2007.

A reader first coming to Findory would see a normal front page of news, the popular and important news stories of the day. When someone read articles on the site, Findory learned what stories interested that reader and changed the news that was featured to match that reader's interests. In this way, Findory built each reader a personalized front page of news.

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