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About Spotzer

Spotzer is the first global advertising agency dedicated to making high quality video advertising fast, affordable and highly targeted.

We offer an online library of creative, ready-to-air commercials produced by industry-leading professionals from around the world.

We also help you plan and buy spots across multiple advertising media, including television, the web, and narrow cast networks (location specific, out-of-home networks). We use the latest technologies for targeting advertising to limited geographic areas and well defined demographic audiences. This helps you better target your customers and brings efficiency and cost-effectiveness to your video advertising.

Best of all, Spotzer manages your campaign from beginning to end freeing you to focus your time and energy on growing your business.

By following our 3-step process, you can:

* Purchase rights to use one of our pre-produced commercials with a degree of exclusivity that matches your specific needs and budget.
* Personalize your selected commercial with your own logo, pictures, slogans and contact information.
* Create and execute highly targeted media plans based on your specific objectives, audience and budget.

Spotzer levels the playing field by giving you more affordable marketing weapons to quickly respond to competitors and the changing needs of your customers.

And we back up our process with robust account management and customer service teams to help ensure the success of your media campaign.

Spotzer Contact Info

T:   1-800-483-0064

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