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About eWayDirect

Marketing via instant messenger

Search Engine Marketing – PPC and SEO

Transition Marketing – converting leads to customers

Customer Relationship Marketing – engaging customers to build lifetime value

eWayDirect, Inc. is a full-service ESP (emarketing service provider). We build and support proprietary Internet-based software applications that help marketers communicate effectively with customers and prospects to increase brand recognition, sales, and customer relationships. We meet the challenge of differentiation by offering unique, proprietary applications that deliver successful outcomes for our customers.

eWayDirect's fully integrated emessaging platform includes proprietary cutting-edge P1email functionality, positioning us as application leaders in targeted market segments that include catalog companies, ecommerce companies, Internet publishers, and not-for-profits.

eWayDirect is also a leader in search marketing, offering search engine optimization, paid search marketing, and a special article placement service.

Finally, eWayDirect is the parent company for the BlueLens Franchise Group, offering the opportunity to selected marketers to participate in the eWayDirect proven business model.

eWayDirect Employees

We track both past and present eWayDirect employees and key eWayDirect executives.

eWayDirect Contact Info

T:   888-655-0464
A:   12 South Main Street, Suite 301 Norwalk CT 06854

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