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About Conduit

I was first introduced to Conduit when Reena Jadhav (CMO) emailed me asking if I was interested in talking with them about their product or creating a customized toolbar for mshift. After speaking with them I was impressed with their product, even though I'm not a big fan of toolbars, and we have kept in contact ever since. Then I met Reena in person yesterday at the AlwaysOn Media conference in NYC.

They allow anyone to create a free customized toolbar and don't charge anything for using it. They're getting a lot of groundswell currently and I am expecting them to be acquired within 25 months by a large media or branding company.

Oh yeah, I thought this was funny, GreenPeace International is one of their toolbar users and they seem to really like it... talk about grass roots community engagement.

By creating a direct, always-on connection between publishers and subscribers, Conduit opens new channels for real-time communication and commerce. More than 180,000 publishers have joined the Conduit network worldwide, including major brands such as Fox News, Lufthansa, Major League Baseball, Greenpeace, TechCrunch, Softonic and small and medium organizations in 180 countries around the globe. Web publishers who become part of the Conduit network have the opportunity to syndicate their website content and applications directly to the browser by allowing subscribers to add them as simply as adding an RSS feed.

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