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boycott alabama now boycottalabamanow,boycottalabama

About was created by Joe Babiasz urges its members to boycott all travel to Alabama and any products from the state. News & Related Stories Employees

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  1. Big three has been wasteful in management including overpaying lazy,non productive workers for over 30 years.It is now time to reorganize,step up to the plate like real men and not expect big brother to bail them out.No one bails out the small company when he has to re organize and re evaluate how he is operating his business. The person who created this site is a spoiled lazy employee who is afraid he is going to have to learn to live like the average American.It is time to cut the waste and require workers to put in a full day for a days pay.Check the American people's opinion,goofy ass and you will see it is not one state alone.Perhaps Alabama senator is one of few with balls enough to stand up to beggars and lazy Americans expecting the rest of us to take care of you.Grow up,take responsibility for your poor management,work habits and excessive benefit packages and restructure your business and your life.

  2. The big three have poor quality products and the Unions killed them. Management put themselves in this situation. Stop crying because Shelby wont support the bailout. He's the only real man in Washington to stand up and speak out against it.

    I am going to boycott Michigan and all products coming out of your state. Want another Civil War? You got it!!!

  3. Shelby still lives in the segregted Alabama of 100 years ago. They dont even have laws forbiding inbreeding. Insestuous idiots.

  4. I just read the websites note that Senator Shelby voted against bailing out Chrysler back in 1980.Here Chrysler is again 28 years later begging us the bail them out again.Do I notice a pattern here for throwing good money after bad.Looks like SEnator Shelby was right 28 years ago and is still right today

  5. Lets be honest about the opposition to the bridge loans for the "Big Three". The south still has a complex about losing the Civil War. They needed foreigners to back their sorry butts in the 1800's, and now they (literally) give away the farm to bring in foreigners to back their traiterous butts now.(do yourselfs a favor, and check how much your "give-aways" to foreign manufacturers really cost you "fine, hard working Americans in the South Land).Yall really are pathetic. And your hatered toward unions! My, my. What is that REALLY about? Is it that unions represent ALL people and try to negotiate fair wages and working conditions? Yeah, you know it is, but can't stand it. You slow minded, lazy clods harken back to the old days when people were forced to do your work for you and were put in there places and had to stay there. You would love to see the days of plantations all over again. Unfortunately for all of us, your kind is far too many. You lower the expetations and standards. You'd rather sign up with the Klan than a union. Disgusting. So please, be real and truthful in your statements and quit repeating "sound bites" from your hero, Shelby(a.k.a., Boss Hogg)

  6. yes I agree we need to boycott anything made by an over payed and underskilled union worker,build it better in ALABAMA!!

  7. They got there selfs in this mess let them get them out of it we already bailed out wall street and that was a bad idea too. its just a bunch of RICH RICH guys that got there heads to big. Wheres the money for the little guys.

  8. In response to the person who called southerners lazy and pathetic. First maybe you all should get past the civil war and come on and live with the rest of us in this century. The views of Richard Shelby do not reflect the views of every Alabamian just as I am sure the views of your senators and leaders do not reflect every citizen of your state. We are working people. I worked very hard for 25 years in a textile plant. My dad worked at Goodyear for 40 years a union company. I grew up in a union and am not in any way against them. I am against people like this idiot who started this website. To the person who wrote we are slow minded lazy clods you are the most narrow minded idiot in the world apparently. I am wondering have you ever been down South? Probably not and that is what makes you such an authority on life here. You are a jerk. I dont know what this fool with the website is trying to accomplish but he is wrong. As far as your comments about the KKK again you are an idiot. If you were to meet up with anyone that was an actual member of the real Klan you would be scared too death even with all your big talk. Dont judge people by one person. I am well educated,I have traveled all over, I have met some of the biggest jerks in the world in the Northern part of the USA but I havent as of yet decided that you all are jerks and idiots. I have learned the people like you and the man who started the website just like to hear their own loud mouths because it makes you feel good about yourselves. I pity anyone who has to live in the same state as you let alone with you.

  9. I find it hard to connect the Civil War and the Klu Klux Klan to this Auto Bailout. (The KKK was a society for confederate war veterans that was created because they did not receive any aid from the US govt, and understandably so, while Union officers and soldiers received pensions after the war) The only people that seem to be bringing up the civil war are those that appear to be from the north (except for the statement by Mr. Sneade, which a must digress seemed rather prude).

    The maker of this website seems to think that boycotting Alabama will have some sort of effect on the upcoming vote, but the truth is it only makes this man look stupid.

    The state of Alabama clearly has no problem with the auto industry as we house both Mercedes Benz and Hyundai Auto Manufacturing Plants. Something worth noticing though, are the lower wages paid to the employees compared to those of the Big Three automakers, and the higher quality reputation of the products created by both of these companies.

    So, logically, why would a representative from this state want to bail out companies that have been failing for years, costing taxpayer's dollars just so that, as history shows, we will have to bail them out again, when their employees are payed outrageous wages for the work that the perform and the products they produce are far below standards set by foreign auto companies, that build their cars in the United States?

    So while he's at it, Why doesn't Joe Babaisz go ahead and try and start more uneducated boycott attempts for the states from which the other 169 representatives hail that voted against this bill.

  10. Why didn't the Big Three take note when Toyota started eating their lunch years ago?
    I own a business and the economy is terrible. Who will bail me out?

    Montgomery, Alabama

  11. If you will take a drive down Lasalle Blvd in Huntington Woods,Michigan,you will notice dozens of foreign made cars and luxury homes.Talk about contraditory remarks.Overpaid,non productive workers have brought on much of the auto industry crisis.

  12. First of all Richard Shelby did not do back room deals for Mercedes, Honda, or Hyundai. All that was the child of the ADO or Alabama Department of Economic Development. ADO and the Alabama Governors office, along with the state legislature approved the incentives for all the auto manufacturers. The federal government had nothing to do with it at all. Getting Mercedes was the result of then Governor Jim Folsom. The tax breaks and incentives were all state level. Michigan and Alabama both got outbid for VW. But that is the way it goes sometimes. In the meantime ADO also landed Honda, Hyundai, Toyota, and Kia is at the state line in Georgia. They paid the incentives, we are getting all the suppliers. Thyssen Krupp, with 5000 jobs, the largest single industrial project since WW II not government funded. Four the the last five largest industrial projects in the US have all gone to little old Alabama. Don't forget we also put a man on the moon from a cotton field. Now we make world class cars in other cotton fields.

    It was the Mercedes project that set the precedent for Honda, Hyundai, and Toyota. All of those negotiated their own deal with the state. Honda alone has 5000 non union employees at the plant, and about 40,000 in supply. Those jobs came into this state at a time when over 15,000 textile jobs were leaving Alabama courtesy of the FEDERAL government and NAFTA.

    Alabama has become the detroit of the south due to non union, lower cost of living and doing business, and people here appreciate the jobs. If Ford and GM would ever come to their senses and follow the foreign model they might get back to profitibility. It works in the South for Honda, BMW, Hyundai, Kia, Nissan, Toyota, and Mercedes. Some the highest quality cars and trucks on the road come from this area. So its not the workers as people from up north love to joke about the southerners. Its the management and the design and finish of the product.

    While Ford and GM were off buying useless car companies like Volvo, Hummer, Jaguar etc, (that never made them one dime) The foreign makers were reinvesting in plants and product. Maybe if some of that Volvo money had gone back into the product or some of the crazy rebates and 0% gimmicks that gave away all their profit to the customers were not carried on for the last nine years, they would not be there with hat in hand.
    Most of the public could care less about bailing out people who make more than they do.

    Rightly or wrongly I understand completely the stakes at hand. I also understand without reorganization and bankruptcy there is no hope. GM thinks people will not buy from a bankrupt company, they are bankrupt now. If they get rid of the crazy contracts and stop the bleeding, there is hope for GM or Ford, Chrysler as we know it is over. Someone might buy Jeep for the name, but that is all they have to offer.

    Waggoner displayed the same GM arrogance that has been there 40 years. "We are the car business" Not anymore, sorry, you are not the innovator. The people running these companies today are no where near as talented as say Ed Cole, Bunkie Kneudsen, John DeLorean, Alex Trotman, or Lee Iacocca.

    We had a GM plant in my hometown. I remember the big houses, all the new cars, and the attitude of the Saginaw workers. All the triple time holidays, the mountains of off time, the paid lay offs. I dont feel sorry for any of them that think a GED should be a ticket to a $54 an hour or more plant job. That is a fantasy. Greed of management and greed of unions are why they are both in the same bed now.

    On top of that I am tired of the "almost theory" that Detroit has operated on for the past 25 years. Its "almost" as good as the Camry, We are "almost" about to catch their quality. Its "almost like the Accord" Why the hell cant they just do one that is better? I have been waiting since 1980 for this one.

    The obituary for GM should be call "if you had only listened":

    If you had only listened: There would be no glut of SUV's

    If you had only listened: Lordstown Ohio would not be at the bottom of quality since 1971

    If you had only listened: Maybe Saturn was a good idea that was allowed to rot on the vine.

    If you had only listened:When your customers told you your quality stunk in the 1980's and 1990's.

    If you had only listened: that every GM car made in the 1980's didnt need to be a front wheel drive V6

    If you had only listened:There would have been no Fiero or Vega fiasco

    If you had only listened: Two words, GM Diesel

    If you had only listened: 700R4, 4L60E, 200r4,

    If you had only listened: Maybe transmission parts should be made out of steel instead of plastic and aluminum

    If you had only listened: There would be no huge DEXCOOL lawsuit to settle

    If you had only listened: there would be no HT 4100 and HT 4500 and HT 4900 graveyard

    If you had only listened: 1986-1996 There would not be millons of cars with the paint coming off in 5-10 months

    If you had only listened: Two more words: Quad 4

    If you had only listened: Maybe after AIG it was not the best idea to show up in DC in a private jet.. kinda like
    showing up at the food stamp office in a Lexus.

    If you had only listened: Our quality is getting better, and this time we mean it! (see 1980, 1985, 1990,1996,2001 etc etc)

    If you had only listened:Maybe selling off GMAC was not a good idea, since now it won't finance the very thing it was set up to do: Finance our products.

    If you had only listened: Where would we be if we had not run off John DeLorean from Chevrolet in 1973?

    If you had only listened: Maybe 7000 stores is a tad much for 19% of the market. Toyota what 13% and 1800 stores? Honda 10% and 1300? I guess its not 1967 anymore.

    If you had only listened: Gee, this is third time in my lifetime (1973, 1979, 2007) we have been caught with high gas and nothing to sell but large cars and trucks. Maybe we should not hire any more engineers, but a history major next year.

    Call me crazy, but the new book should be titled "If I had only listened: The downfall of GM"

    Ironically the federal government, who all the big 3 always want out of their business and pleads for less regulation is now who they turn to. I guess though its is the fed and state government who keep them in the fleet business. I mean without the feds, FBI, police, state business, there are no homes for Crown Vics or Impalas.

  13. Nice job blame all the opposition of the bailout on all the people of Alabama. You are probably a huge liberal and I would bet you love being able to have free speech. Just like your ability to have the website. But let one man say how he believes and BAM the evilness sets in.
    Here is my expression of free speech let's boycott Michigan all because of your beliefs!!!

  14. maybe if your state had invested all those millions in AMERICAN companies instead of foreign companies that take their profits back to their home country, the AMERICAN car companies wouldn't be in such bad shape. The big 3 make damn good cars and I wouldn't buy a foreign car even if I had to take a bus instead. AMERICA FOR AMERICANS is something you all seem to have forgotten. God help us all if the big 3 go belly up because if you think it won't effect the entire country - you are dreaming. When it effects your state also, don't expect sympathy from us. We'll be fresh out of sympathy since we will be using it for OUR OWN. As for that idiot Shelby, I hope he chokes on his foreign deals. Don't expect a lot of Republicans to vote for his kind anymore.

  15. Boycott Alabama? Because you do not agree with a Senator from our state? He is absolutely right!! I don't think we will miss you here in Alabama. I hope you enjoy your snow- we will enjoy our beautiful beaches! The big 3 blew it years ago- They have been promising to build the cars that Americans want since the 70's. What happened? The unions and their overly generous contracts are what happened. As a result the Big 3 got a little too big to manage. They priced themselves right out of the U.S. market. I was born in Michigan and my father-in-law worked for Ford for 45 years. Even he says "No Bail-Out"!
    I hope ya'll get things straight,and in the mean time enjoy your winter - we will enjoy ours here in Beautiful Alabama!!


  17. your republican shelby had no problem bailing out the banks with our money and now they are having spa days and "retention" bonuses,while the big 3 need a drop in the bucket compared to 700 billion and that red neck hypocrite is having a fit.

  18. I am astounded that even with the uneven playing field with free trade for companies like toyota and honda,that anyone can make any type of comparrison,maybe we should levy the same tax that the big 3 pay and let the foriegn auto companies pay it,oh wait,it's one of those shelby voted for bills in his tenure.and the bashing of the unions,you should really take heed,that,if it weren't for the unions,do you believe you would get a holiday off,a vacation?or any other perks? They have these really neat things called books,and their full of information,i know this may be a shock,but if you pick it up,and here's the hard part,open it,and read,you may open your closed mind to more than your close minded,right-winged,ideological rhetoric,or to put it simple,being drug around mindlessly by republican gibberish and lies.

  19. Maybe if all you overpaid retired union members that caused most of the problems would stay in michican instead of spending all winter in alabama maybe your state would have more income from these retired union members. I use to be a union president and i can tell you that union members only care about themselved and could care less about the man on the street that has to pay thirty thousand dollars for a car that probably worth eighteen thousand. chapter 11 is the only way

  20. This isn't about saving the Big 3, it's about saving America. The Big 3 IS America. They stepped up during the wars when the government asked them to build military vehicles, tanks and whatever else needed. After 9-11, the Big 3 was asked to help out by giving extra rebates and no interest payments to help out the economy despite huge losses. We need every state in the union to come together to get through what the current government has destroyed. Shelby is out only for himself and his state. To let millions of people lose their jobs just to make his state look better is disturbing. What these people don't understand is that the end of the Big 3 will impact the entire country, including Alabama. Every car company is suffering and losing money, including the foreign companies in Alabama, and it will only get worse. Much much worse. Shelby won't look like the hero he thinks he is when even the foreign companies start laying off their workers because of lack of sales. The only way to avoid a catastrophic disaster is to help out the Big 3 with a loan- NOT A BAIL OUT. Stop looking at yourselves for a second and look at the big picture. America needs this loan to pass. PERIOD!

  21. You are a complete idiot to say that about a state you know nothing about. Go play in traffic.

  22. Yea! Go ahead and boycott Alabama. We're tired of damn Yankees anyway. And, I might add, rednecks are not exclusively southern. Sounds y'all got one right here in your own state lol. Go ahead, make our day, stay the heck out of Bama. Joke is on you Bubba.

  23. I am from michigan and I can't imagine anything I would need from there...

    We have plenty of rednecks

    Don't help us out ...we don't mind not helping you out !!

  24. I had to laugh at the person who said that Senator Shelby could not run a lemonade stand. Well for your information I do not think that the 3 auto companies did such a good job. Boycott Alabama we have made it with you people before and we can do it now

  25. I have lived in Alabama my entire life of 50 years. I am sorry these family are so close to losing there jobs reguardless of the reason. Calling us rednecks, interbread, etc only shows why they are in this shape they are in. Be responable for your actions. Your fear of the unknown makes you call people names you find offensve. Our familys here teach us work harder they the guy next to you to get promotions and ahead of the pack. The Unions and the greed of Wall Street got us into this mess, not us rednecks. You and I are Americans and United WE Stand. Wall Street and the Union wants you affraid of the truth. Thats a way of controling the worker and taking attention away from the truth reson for this mess! From Alabama We Wish you a Merry Christmas my BROTHERS. I wish you the best and a BLESS New Year! From a poor ole redneck from Alabama!

  26. Thank you Senator Shelby. I spent 1 month installing equipment in a Detroit (Livonia) MI transmission plant and I have never been so disgusted at the lazy workers. I contrated out two guys to build guards on this equipment and my crew installed it. They filed grievances. Rednecks, in Alabama, I bet you could not get a full set of teeth out of the workers at that plant. Did I mention I almost turned my ankle when I would walk across the parking lot kicking whiskey minature bottles and other liquor bottles. Let them restructure after they declare bankruptcy.

  27. Please people let us not create division these are hard working people that want to keep their jobs. We need these jobs for the security of our country.

  28. i wish republicans have same sense of urgency about spending when when white house was on spending spree for last eight years. it is ironic that 250 billion could be spend to create 2.5 million jobs but 14 billion "LOAN" could not be given to keep 2.5 million jobs. If southern senators only look at their state that is very sad, the suppliers who supply parts for Honda, Toyota and other foreign company will hurt as bad as big three and could go bankrupt. What double standard, on one hand banks bailed out over night no questions asked and with auto workers.............

    Let pray this recession will not convert into depression, good job senate.

  29. I don't bear any ill will toward the people from the South but I do live in Michigan, and I am deeply saddened by tonight's events. I don't belong to the Union, I'm not a high-paid executive, I'm just a middle class worker hoping to keep my job. My company (a supplier) will now likely go bankrupt. I have a family with 3 young children who won't have much of a Christmas this year and sadly this is probably the least of our worries. I hope all of you who take such glee in the demise of the Detroit 3 realize that for all their faults they directly or indirectly put bread on an awful lot of peoples tables and very soon an awful lot of your fellow countrymen (and their children) are going to be feeling a lot of pain through no fault of their own.
    It seems everybody resents everybody else right now - what this country really needs is some compassion.

  30. Mr. Shelby, what you have been saying about the Detroit 3 is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in any of your incoherent ramblings have you even come close to anything resembling a rational thought! Everyone in the World is now Dumber for having listened to you. I award no points for knowledge about the auto business...and may God have mercy on your sole.

    PS: If the Detroit 3 are worthless...why is every article on Yahoo! Finance showing the Market is TANKING WORLDWIDE as a result of the failed LOAN (not Bailout) for Detroit. Sometimes I am ashamed to be an American. Wake up people time for a Clue!

  31. Chrysler alone buys close to $800 million a year from Alabama suppliers. Poof...its gone due to your idiot Shelby.

  32. Your Senator Shelby should realize that wages in Japan are what $300 a month? When are wages low enough is his eyes???? He supports Wall Street and ALL the greed, but will punish a middle class auto worker??? What is wrong with you???? Mr. Shelby the Union is only 10% of Auto Costs... Concessions have been made the workforce of UAW is so small in 2008 numbers. What can't you see??? So you want to displace all other business and workers who depend on the auto industry?? You should live in Japan or China go... You sit high and might with your salary and health benefits. The major problem is Foreclosure on homes who can buy a car???? Then if they can afford one NO FINANCING.. That is Wall Street's Fault... May God help your soul. A foolish man you are...

  33. No wonder his parents named him Dick.

  34. Don't think you have seen the cornage of the republican party.

  35. Where were the foreign auto makers during 9/11 or the Vietnam war? Chrysler, GM and Ford were there for this country. Wake up people we can't keep sending our money overseas!

  36. Is it still Shelby's fault after the UAW said no to pay cuts??

    Why is it so much better to not have a job than take a pay cut.

    I'm having difficulty understanding that concept.

  37. Just so you know, Alabama sux as a place to live. These people are still stuck in the civil war and they would love to have slavery reinstated. Shelby is a big fat boss hogg who has never done an honest day's work in his life. He likes to see poor people stay poor. Alabama was traitorous back in the day and they are still a state full of traitors today.
    Tell me all you learned folks, those of you who live here in Alabama, what have all these foreign car companies and the tax breaks they got for moving here, DONE FOR YOU? Nothing. The schools still suck, there is still rampant racism, women still die in childbirth for christs sake, and you wanna tell me that alabama is a great place...? No you are wrong. This state is the pit of life. It literally sucks the life right out of you.
    Personally, I think our ancestors should have just let the jerks secede...cos southerners have no loyalty to the United States of America...only the Confederate states of America.
    I live here, I know what I am talking about.

  38. I am so proud that Senator Shelby and the Great state of Alabam have so much pull and influence,that we ALONE prevented the free hand out to the auto giants.GO BAMA ROLL TIDE !!!!

  39. well well well, detroit can just drive thier sorry cars, but stay out of Alabama,our people know how t build a car instead of sitting on your sorry ass

  40. Regardless of the outcome of the government loans. It is time for all americans to united. Americans have already been divided for 8 years. This recession is one that will be leaving a lasting impression for years to come. Everyone seems to have forgotten the Bush and Cheney spending spree in foreign soil. Bush and Cheney are both millionaires and soon to collect government pensions.

  41. We will boycott any state south of Ohio. The war has been started, with irreversible effects. No more vacations to the Great Smokies, Lake Cumberland, Cherokee, Gulf Shores, Hilton Head, Myrtle Beach, Dollywood, Six Flags, and so on. I think you get the idea, and soon you'll feel it. Many of us in this great state of Michigan are from the south. Our parents migrated north for the good paying jobs in the automotive industry. We are no longer proud to say that we are southerners. In fact, we are ashamed. Michigan is home now. Shelby has tarnished the southern image and started a war. Also, I hope and pray that the south will not need any water from our Great Lakes. Because in recent years the droughts have been drastic. There will be no pipeline of fresh water to the south, we will guard that with our lives. Thanks, Shelby.

  42. Wow, all the hatred. It kind of took my breathe away. I am a 40 something year old woman from Alabama. I have lived in about 5 different states and am now back in Alabama and I love it. One Christmas I visited New York and people could tell I was from the south because of my accent. They wanted to know if I had a horse and buggy? Do I wear hoop skirts? What kind of music do I listen to? Do we have paved roads? These questions came from people in Manhatten. Do I think that all New Yorkers are ignorant? No. So, Please do not judge all of us by a few. Just because I live in Alabama does not mean that I do not value education. I pay $900.00 a month to educate my two children. My children have scored in the 90% on National tests. My husband and I both have college degrees. we have a lot of good things going in Alabama. Yes we even have auto plants that our state did fund to help bring them here. the state paid not the (fed) government. We did not ask the citizens from other states to pay as would be the bailout. I do not wish the people of Michigan any hardships even though the same cannot be said in return. I have read many statements about how you want a cat 5 to hit the gulf coast. How can you say you are for all america when you wish harm on other people? would you not feel guily if a storm came and hurt many innocent people? I do not know what is the correct thing to do about the bailout. I do know that I do not want millions out of work. I do that the big 3 need to conduct business differently. How you mesh the two I do not know. I have owned many cars in my lifetime. the best ones were the foreign cars. sorry, Big 3. My Caravan and Jeep cherokee were always broken. I would go to my mechanic and he would hug me and say which car is it today. Many times they were both in the shop at the same time. I spents hundreds of dollars each month on repairs. I have not had any problems with my 4 year old Honda Pilot. I want to support the Big 3 with my dollars but money is so hard to come by that I have to spend it wisely. Now, if I needed a truck it would definitely be an american made truck. I think that is one area that has been done correctly. I am sorry you people in Michigan are hurting and afraid for your jobs but I really am not following the logic of attacking only Shelby. Many more voted against the bailout. Crocker from Tn has been very vocal (not meaning to throw Tn. under the bus). He specifically blamed the UAW. He said they were 5 minutes away from an agreement. Now, I love Tn. But, I am not following. Can Joe please explain? Also, explain How you are targeting Alabama but not meaning to hurt the people. this site and all the comments are hurtful. when you are balming Shelby for the fall of the big 3 does none of the blame rest with the companies? Was Michigan in the wrong for going after a foreign car plant? Both alabama and Michigan lost to Tn? Also, as much as you think Shelby has attacked you, you have also attacked America by attacking Alabama. You sir are just as guilty. Please tell me that manners are still taught in the North. We need to treat everyone with respect. Oh, and one more thing. If the Big 3 fail, it will hurt the company my husband works for because the Big 3 owe millions to the company they have not been paid yet. So, everyone remember not to judge everyone by a few. Be respectful of others and their points of view. do not wish ill on anyone or it just might come home to roost. sorry, it was so long. It probably did no good but at least I tried. I just want the people of Michigan to know that I wish them no harm. Just wish it went both ways.

  43. The UAW has bankrupted the BIG 3, and the American taxpayers should not furnish money that will fill the pockets of the union bosses. Let those who belive in the UAW hold hands and sing songs in the unemployment line !!!!! Long live capitalism !!!!!

  44. To the person who wrote in )see #41 above)stated he will not vacation in our beautiful southern states,You are very funny.Do you really think your few hundred dollars annually will hurt us?The only thing it will do is free up motels and restaurants so we can vacation without having to make reservations a year in advance.Thanks for staying your stinky ass up there where you belong.Vacation in the slums in your concrete jungle.

  45. OK enough about this bailout.All we heard during elction campaign was change achange and change.There will be no change.The US government will continue to give handaouts as well as tax breaks to the wealthy, while the real working people get shit on and our tax moeny wasted.I say if Big three gets the money handed to them, that we boycott the auto industry for 1 year.WE can afford to drive our cars for one more year and if we have to buy one, buy a used car.I currently own 5 gm products and one Ford,But if they get bailed out while I am struggling and get no help,I will de damned if I will spend 25,000 for a vehicle that is worth about 12,000 just so the lazy ass ,non productive employees enjoy the luxuries that we are having to scarifice.So stand with me Americans and wait ONE YEAR before purchasing a new car.Buy AFTERMARKET Parts.Used vehicles will require tires,repair parts,fuel,licenses, and maintenance which will all boost the Economy,PLEASE STAND TOGHETHER-When supply and demand are properly proportioned,the prices will be what they should.Look at what has happened with gasoline prices over last two months.YOU CAN SRVIVE WITHOUT PURCHASING A NEW CAR ONE MORE YEAR.HAVE YOUR CAR REPAIRED WITH AFTERMARKET PARTS,HAVE YOUR CAR PAINTED,BUY A NEW SET OF TIRES,REMODEL YOUR HOME,BUY A NEW POOL OR SPA,ADD AN ADDITION TO YOUR HOME,BUY A NEW WARDROBE,TAKE A WELL DESERVED VACATION,BUY THAT TOOL YOU HAVE BEEN WANTING BUT COULDN;T AFFORD BECAUSE YOUR BUDGET IS STRECTHED MAKING CAR PAYMENTS,BUY NEW MATRESSES AND FURNITURE,BUILD A PATIO AND FURNISH IT WITH NICE GRILLE AND PATIO FURNITURE,SPEND MONEY AND STIMULATE THE ECONOMY,JUST DONT BUY A NEW VEHICLE.Joe Babiasz stated this website called Boycott Alabam with the intent of "Sending a message".So let's stand together nationwide and reply to the message by NOT BUYING a new Car from any manufacturer for ONE YEAR.Let's call it "sending a message." The auto manufatures act like the economy is entirely based upon the auto industry.Lets show them that we can revive the economy by purchasing items other than vehicles and stimulate the economy.I as one individual owe two payments on my current vehicle, at which time I normall trade in.But I will stand up and say "I will not buy a new vehicle for at least one year if the government gives my tax dollars to the greedy Big THree while all of us are struggling.STAND WITH ME FELLOW AMERICANS FROM BOTH NORTH AND SOUT,EAST AND WEST AND SEND A MESSAGE LOUD AND CLEAR THAT WE WILL NOT SUPPORT THE BAILOUT OF THESE POORLY MANAGED COMPANIES.DO NOT PURCHASE NEW VEHICLE FOR ONE YEAR.


  47. I have the perfect answer to this bail out problem.... I believe all union employees with gm, chrysler, and ford should go on (strike) that should show them how powerful the union is, and make the fat cat, pot gutted cigar smoking union bosses proud.

  48. How about we let the oil companies bail out the car companies, after all they have made record breaking profits for the last 3-5 years due to the gas guzzling autos many choose to drive. As for the banks, I think we should let those fat cats live in a refrigerator box and give that 750billion to the rest of us who have had no choice but to suffer through all this.

  49. Okay all you southerners. Do you not realize that any company who has a product that requires "CREDIT" to purchase and the CREDIT" market dries up because of banks like AIG, and the fraud on Wall Street, people who would like to buy CAN'T. Anytime you decrease sales by 50% you will have a company in trouble. I agree with alot of the management issues at these companies, but you have to understand that the requirements placed on US companies is more stringent. Yes, they have great benefits and you should be thankful because those workers do not need our help when they retire. However,we will be supporting all those Alabamaians who retire from
    Toyota and Honda because they have minimal retirement benefits and don't make enough to secure a savings to support them, so do it now or do it later. But why should these companies go down because the banks gave sub-prime loans to millions of people who shouldn't have qualified. YOu need to remember how much the "credit crunch" has to do with the sales. Sales = profit or at best the ability to pay the bills.
    Just in case this is too much for you to understand, let me put it in terms you can understand. Imagine your pay being temporarily cut by 50%, How much of your bills would get paid?????

    Wouldn't you expect the company to come to your aid to save your house, afterall they owe you twice what they are paying you?

    They are asking for LOANS

    Loans = payback w/interest. Hmmmm, give the money to AIG with no strings, orrrrrr, give 1/10th to the Auto Industry to earn interest on payback... Who is the dummy here????

  50. In respsponse to listing #49.Our income has been cut by 50 per cent and some more as layoffs are nationwide.WE would feel great if the government would give us a measley 300,000 loan to get us through the recession.Problem is they won't.That is why feel it unfair to bail out the big companies when they don't bail out the individuals also.I know that northern people have a hard time understanding economics and often have what is called tunnelbvision.You can't see anything but what is right in front of you.Please try to ope your simple minds to the big picture.None of us want the big three to fail, we just want them to restructure just like and cut the fat, just like the rest of us.

  51. I thought this website was going to grow with some good old rivalry.Looks like it has fizzled out.50 comments nationwide,What a fricking joke.Sorry Joe, I guess not many Americans care what you think.

  52. Go ahead and boycott Alabama. Think we care? You're only guaranteeing that no one in this state will ever buy another Detroit made car. Maybe the ill will could spread across the entire Southern region. I say go f#$k yourselves. If you want another civil war, you can have one. I hope you people in Michigan starve to death for politicizing car sales.

  53. This is the most stupid thing i have ever heard. The south has nothing on the civil war the north was jealous at the time. Jackson, Mississippi was the richest city in the states just a few years before. And Alabama does have laws about inbreeding in west virgina that doesnt you ass. The auto plants in alabama did not need a bailout so why should michigan need one. Is Michigan just jealous that Alabama could whip their ass in football or something. Maybe if you quit trying to be corrupt on such a lazy and stupid thing to be corrupt about. All people in Michigan that agree with their wonderful senator its ok because we have more Arsenals anyways.

  54. The big three has been supporting the south for the last 50 years when you consider welfare ssi food stamps free heat and alabama doesnt pay any taxes because no one works now they want to worship the dragon the chines japan and korea owns the south the south will always make low wages until they get the big picture

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