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Yahoo Publisher

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About Yahoo Publisher

I've been part of the Yahoo Publisher Network for about a year or so now and definitely like the payouts. I honestly think they give publishers more than 50% of the revenue each click generates but I have no evidence supporting that claim. My one gripe is the apparent low ad inventory and often find the ads being displayed are in line with the general theme of mshift but not with the subject matter specific to a single page. I have used the advertising funnel to select specific types of ads I would like displayed on a few pages of the site but honestly that's just too time consuming of a process to continue to fiddle with.

Simply display ads that are relevant to the content of your site and earn money from qualified clicks.* No investment is required and setup is quick and easy.

Yahoo Publisher Contact Info

A:   701 First Avenue Sunnyvale CA 94089

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Yahoo Publisher's Parent Company is: Yahoo!

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